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Telephone Broadcasting System China Tunnel

China Guangwu Expressway is an expressway out of Guangxi province. From Guangzhou to Guangxi Wuzhou, Nanning, Yulin, Guigang and other places, full-speed access can be achieved. It only takes 2.5 hours from Guangzhou to Wuzhou, Guangxi and 6-7 hours to Nanning. The total length of the highway is 98.49 kilometers, and the geological conditions along the entire line are complicated. There are 118 bridges and 18 tunnels in total. In order to ensure the smooth travel of tourists on the highway, a complete and effective tunnel emergency communication system and broadcasting system are essential. As a well-known solution provider and emergency phone supplier in the industry, Hong Kong Kunlun Technology Co., Ltd. provides a pbx system and tunnel phone for the communication system of the tunnel.

According to the actual situation and the actual situation of the tunnel, senior engineers of our company designed a complete communication system. This communication system has, can set up, manage and close all phones in batches, and has a broadcast function. We provide a sip server, which can register 300 phones to the server and manage the deployment at the same time. We provide a console with ip pbx software, window operating system, GUI functional interface, and touch screen. High power amplifier KNMK-240, 240w amplifier can accommodate multiple speakers at the same time. Industrial phone KNSP-03, sturdy appearance, waterproof grade up to ip66, anti-electromagnetic interference.

tunnel telephone system

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"Very professional communication company, from end to end, to the system, very professional, is a trustworthy company." --- Tunnel communication construction personnel