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Power Schedule and Oilfield

IP Phone Systems

The ip telephone system is a modern, telephone communication system based on the ip network and the Internet Voice Protocol (VOIP).
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Industrial Intercom System

The industrial intercom system is KNTECH's demand for production and dispatching of chemical and petrochemical plants, on-site wired and wireless communication, electronic inspection, personnel safety management, etc., using modern computer technology, wireless communication technology, sensing technology, transmission technology, network technology, and automation. Industrial-grade explosion-proof security communication integrated system developed by various advanced technologies such as control technology.
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VoIP Explosion-proof Broadcast Intercom System in Petrochemical Industry

The explosion-proof broadcasting system is based on VOIP network communication technology, and the related equipment is RJ45 interface, which can share the transmission line channel with Ethernet-based transmission equipment such as monitoring and PLC control. There is no need for additional wiring, which increases costs.
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