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Shenzhen Metro Universiade Hub Project

Congratulations to the Shenzhen Metro Universiade Hub project for opening as scheduled.
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Shenzhen Metro No. 12

Warmly congratulate Shenzhen Metro No. 12 on its initial trial operation. Kunlun Technology KNTECH is honored to participate in the construction of Line 12.
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Foshan Metro Line 3

Congratulations on the scheduled opening of Foshan Metro Line 3.
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IP Intercom in HongKong MTR Lines

"Use ip technology for communication, ip communication terminal, signal stability, free call, easy installation, low management cost, very professional emergency communication solution expert." ------High-speed rail operation staff
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Fuzhou Metro Line 1 Phase II

Congratulations on the opening of the second phase of Fuzhou Metro Line 1 as scheduled.
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Fuzhou Metro Line 6

Congratulations on the opening of Fuzhou Metro Line 6 as scheduled.
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