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Video Help Point in Sydney, Australia

The Sydney Metro in Australia is Australia's largest public transport facility and plays a very important role in the city's transportation. The Sydney Metro currently has only one line with a total length of 66 kilometers and 32 subway stations. The first phase of the subway station was officially opened on May 26, 2019. There are two stages in the line 1. The first phase (Northwest Line) has been officially opened, and the second phase (City and Southwest Line) is still under construction and is expected to open in 2024.

In order to adapt to the rapid development of modern public facilities, emergency and secure communications are also essential. A stable, fast and efficient emergency communication is essential. In order to provide better quality emergency intercom services, stable communication systems and reduced costs. The purchasing staff of the subway purchased high-definition visual emergency intercom and embedded one-touch speed dial intercom from our company. And invited my company's senior engineers to provide technical support.

video help point special
Product Name Product Photo Product Model Supplying Time
Video help point

KNZD-60M 2019-05
Emergency intercom

KNZD-37 2019-05
Waterproof telephone

KNSP-01 2019-05
Metro telephone

KNZD-03 2019-05
Emergency telephone

KNZD-05LCD 2019-05
Hotline telephone
KNZD-14 2019-05

This time, our company provides the video help point KNZD-60M for the Sydney Metro, with a high-definition camera, endless steel casing, explosion-proof and vandal-proof, and supports video storage server upload. Provide embedded one-touch intercom KNZD-37 walkie-talkie, one-touch intercom, convenient and fast, easy to install and secure.

sydney metro telephone sydney metro telephone
video help point subway
video help point subway
video help point subway

"The intercom quality is very good, the communication technology of the engineer is very good, and we can solve some difficult problems that we can't solve. HONGKONG KOON TECHNOLOGY LTD is a very professional communication company." -----Metro Engineer