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KNTECH Telephone In Power Tunnel

Houhu Village, Wuhan, Hubei, China, home village, urban village, power transformation. With the rapid development of households and the economy of Houhujiashang Village in Wuhan, Hubei, in order to ensure the normal use of electricity in the city, its power supply needs to be transformed. 110KV electric traction needs to be managed through the tunnel. In order to ensure smooth communication in the power tunnel, a tunnel telephone capable of resisting electromagnetic interference and a complete emergency communication system are essential.

KNTECH provided the tunnel waterproof telephone KNSP-01, sip server KNTD-50 with electromagnetic interference for the power tunnel. It provided a complete set of intelligent and feasible ip pbx telephone system for the entire tunnel communication.

Product Name Product Photo Product Model Supplying Time
Waterproof telephone

Sip server

This time, the terminal equipment provided by KNTECH, KNSP-01, tunnel waterproof phone, waterproof level up to ip66, metal casing can prevent violent damage, and our phone can resist electromagnetic interference and obtain a certificate. The provided ip pbx telephone system, with a functional GUI, is easy to operate and powerful.

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