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VOIP explosion-proof broadcast intercom system in petrochemical industry

The explosion-proof broadcasting system is based on VOIP network communication technology, and the related equipment is RJ45 interface, which can share the transmission line channel with Ethernet-based transmission equipment such as monitoring and PLC control. There is no need for additional wiring, which increases costs.
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Emergency telephone system

The emergency telephone system is a product designed for emergency communication in railway tunnels launched by KNTECH. Its function is to provide voice services in the event of an emergency in the railway tunnel, and as the last reliable voice communication guarantee in the case of an emergency in the tunnel.
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Analog telephone

Analog telephone communication is a communication method in which electrical signals simulate voice changes.
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Tunnel emergency broadcast communication system

KNTECH tunnel broadcast communication system is a special tunnel broadcast system developed by Shenzhen Xijun Technology. It consists of SIP server, voice gateway, waterproof telephone terminal, power amplifier, IP66 waterproof speaker, network cable and other equipment.
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Explosion proof standard for telephone and speaker

An explosive environment may occur. (Such as: combustible gas, dust environment, oil refinery, petrochemical plant, gas station, gas station, etc.), explosive gas atmosphere, gas, steam or mist-like combustible substance and air mixture, in the mixture After ignition, the combustion will spread throughout the environment of the unburnt mixture. (Such as: CH4, C2H2, C2H4, NH3, CO, C2H5OH and other explosion-proof electrical equipment)
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Analog telephone for a mine

Analog telephone communication is a communication method in which electrical signals simulate voice changes. An analog telephone line is generally connected to the subscriber module of the exchange at one end and a telephone set at the other end. Several telephone sets need to be connected to several pairs of lines. An analog telephone line is composed of two wires, and the two wires can be crossed at will without distinguishing their polarities. Telephones are also divided into analog and digital. Analog telephone lines should be connected to analog telephones.
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