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Call station with hand-held microphone

Call station with hand-held microphone

model:KNPA800W PLUS


pa call box

Paging Microphone

Designed exclusively for use with the PA system.

Dual Ethernet ports for redundant network connection.

Line powered. Power over Ethernet (PoE) via network connections.

7inch TFT touch screen.

The call station with optional call station extensions, which offering 32 X 6page total 196 configurable buttons with TFT display for zone selection and other purposes. TFT display for zone selection and other purposes.

The call station provide control and routing of live speech calls, stored messages and music with volume control per zone. The volume control shall be easily accessible and adjustable.

The call station have a hand-held omnidirectional microphone for live calls and a 3.5 mm jack line level input for background music, and provide software-configurable signal processing including sensitivity control, parametric equalization and limiting.

The call station certified for EN 54-16 and ISO 7240- 16, marked for CE and be compliant with the RoHS directive or equivalent.

The call station activating recorded voice messages with clarity;

The call station support selected zone paging,group-zone paging and all-call paging;

The call station pre-recorded message broadcast to select zones;

The call station output volume-adjustable buzzer sound when emergency status is activated;

The call station with Gooseneck type unidirectional electret condenser microphone;

The call station with microphone volume control;

The call station with push-to-talk button for indicating activation;

The call station with LED indicators for indicating power status and communication status;


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This product model:KNPA800W PLUS