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Power Schedule And Oilfield

The Greek power plant

Greece, located in the southeastern corner of Europe, consists mostly of peninsulas and islands. Greece, surrounded by the sea, has a humid climate. Greek power plants are mostly powered by water and wind. Electrical equipment in Greek power plants is more focused on waterproof measures. The Greek power plant, in order to enhance and improve the safety system of the power plant, purchased a large number of waterproof telephone KNSP-18 and waterproof alarm bells from our company.
With the development of Greek power plants, the complexity of personnel and work is increasing. The improvement of communication system and the installation of emergency intercom system are particularly important. KNTECH is a provider of solutions and equipment focused on industrial and outdoor emergency communications. According to the actual situation of Greek power plants and the needs of customers, we provide a waterproof industrial telephone KNSP-13, and provide a high-power waterproof bell for the alarm system. The provision of our program and equipment has solved the problem that Greek power plants are difficult to communicate in bad weather.

Product Name Product Photo Product Model Supplying Time
waterproof telephone
Sound and light alarms

KNTECH provides waterproof telephone, waterproof grade up to ip67. Industrial products, metal shell, with waterproof, anti-damage characteristics. VoIP communication mode is low cost, easy to install and easy to maintain.

Our waterproof telephoen in Greek power plant

Greek power plant phone and alarm Greek power plant phone and alarm Greek power plant phone and alarm Greek power plant phone and alarm

KNTECH provides us with a targeted solution to solve the difficulties of communication in bad weather. - Greek power plant workers.