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PAGA Systems

We are a professional communication system solution provider. We can provide you with professional voip paga systems. The system is easy to install and uses voip for communication. It can quickly broadcast emergency help in the outdoor, oilfield and chemical industries.
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PAGA Systems Oil Gas

KNTECH PAGA-G3 system is based on the network transmission SIP2.0 technology, KNTECH second-generation PAGA-G3 integrates IPPBX communication, paging, broadcasting, self-test, alarm, log, recording, and recording file management functions. The function of the system is that all components have a self-diagnostic function, real-time monitoring of the health status of the entire system, real-time grasp of the health status of various parts of the phone terminal such as the handset keys, and real-time monitoring of the health status of the speakers in each area. Great savings in maintenance costs. The second-generation PAGA adds a more intelligent IP broadcast capability. IP amplifiers in each region can configure web pages and update broadcast files. Manual broadcasting, timed broadcasting, external PLC system can trigger various intelligent broadcasting through private protocol, MODELBUS or I / O hard control. It can be configured to perform group broadcast and sub-area broadcast on the IP amplifier through remote online configuration on the webpage, and the operation is convenient.

This system has flexible multi-level Authority management, and users can configure the use Authority of users at all levels according to the needs of the project. Privileges include dialing outside and outside calls, forcible dismantling, forced insertion, call queue, agent call transfer, partition group broadcast, log viewing, recording site selection and download of recording files, etc.

The system is safe and reliable. The PAGA-G3 host IP PBX is a redundant backup system. The OCC host and the BCC backup device actually synchronize all call and recording records. Real-time heartbeat detection and automatic docking of each terminal and IP power amplifier with IP PBX system. The IP amplifier is also redundant. Even in the case of network disconnection, the local PTT handheld microphone of the IP amplifier can be used to perform artificial broadcasting and speaking in this area.

PAGA-G3 system’s composition

PAGA-G3 includes three parts:
(1) The PAGA host, including the main controller IP PBX work as OCC. IP PBX BCC work as standby main controller. Audio recorder to record all the Audio broadcast and call records. KVM for configuration.
(2) PAGA operating station, including PC with web-page online software commend and broadcast and monitoring.
(3) Zone Terminal equipment, including IP amplifier and speakers, sound and light alarm device, emergency waterproof /explosion-proof telephone and so on.

==>>>> Product Specification

Product information --- System features

Model KNTD-100/--KNTD5000 main unit for 19”, 1U mount

With 100 up to 5000 ports of IP station or IP amplifier speakers been controlled.

More models available up to 5000 ports of station or speakers been controlled.

Webpage programmed for input and output, system diagnosis, password control.

Built-in paging for talkback PABX function.

Available for A/B redundant backup system, with alarm synchronization.

With Manual/ or automatic alarms.

Entertainment broadcast with free zone selection. Connecting with IP amplifier by standard network through RJ45.

Unlimited amplifier and speaker expansion.

Output for activating external GA system.

Synchronization with external GA tones.

Unlimited alarms in this system.

Light signal column activation.

built in audio output for peripheral device.

Mutable external alarm facility.

Powered by 110V/220V AC

Overload, fault indication and amplifier monitoring and trouble alarm.

Kind of Signal in/out/Mute/alarm

Unlimited signal input/output

1. Abandon muster: Automatically operated

2. GA: Hand & Auto

3. Fire Alarm: 1300Hz, 110Hz, 0.25 sec. Interval/Sustained.

4. Machinery alarm (Optional)

5. Personal alarm(Optional).

6. Cargo alarm (Optional)

7. Gas Det. Alarm (Optional)

8. General Alarm or General Alarm test

9. Fire Alarm or Fire Alarm test

10. Any other kind of alarm which you need just inform

The function of PAGA-G3 system

(1) Public Address, also namely the function of PA
The main functions are Public Address and voice broadcast. It is the highest use frequency on function of this system. Staff through control center or any telephone station and IP amplifier input port, and the voice information will be broadcast through a speaker to achieves the public address. The system make the people who are usually from place to place can hear the broadcast in daily operation. Broadcasting system can also have the function of distinguish different region.

(2) General Alarm function, also namely the function of the GA
This function is mainly for playing regular alarm messages. When an emergency occurs in the area, the employee can trigger the corresponding alarm device linkage system to broadcast an alarm to enable the employee to perform related emergency operations. The PAGA system IP PBX server stores more than 30 kinds of alarm audio. At the same time, it provides multiple interfaces for other systems for alarm activation / alarm termination. At the same time, different alarm activations (eg fire alarm, gas alarm, abandon alarm) and alarm end function can be programmed for the buttons of each control station. The GA function of the system is as follows:
--Alarm sound can be started / stopped from the central control center dispatching console or each I / O interface
--Editable alarm tone stored in IP PBX server
--Each sub-control station can alarm the local area through the IP sound amplifier I / O of this station.

(3) Phone functions, also namely the function of IP PBX
The powerful PAGA-G3 system includes IP PBX system telephone scheduling and conference functions. Including emergency call, emergency intercom, if equipped with video phone can realize video intercom and dispatching functions. In daily work, if you need to communicate with other staff members or encounter an emergency, you can use emergency conversations, including one-click triggering full calls to all sites, one-to-one single calls, partition or group call functions. Control center personnel can forcibly remove calls from extensions and forcibly insert calls between extensions when the permission is enabled. The system has universal IP PBX functions including: call queue, agent transfer, call transfer transfer, call record query, monitoring, Recording, etc.

(4). Remote IP Amplifier
Remote IP amplifier directly managed and controlled by PAGA-G3 system manager.
Each area is equipped with an IP amplifier. The amplifier is configured and managed remotely by the central dispatcher's direct web interface. It also has a handheld microphone PTT interface, which can broadcast when the network fails. Trigger local broadcasts and alarms through I / O inputs and outputs.

(5) Line powered Speaker with self-diagnosis
Each zone with IP amplifier directly connect the speakers. All speaker circuit/amplifier fault or operating status data can be monitored and displayed by the PAGA-G3 system manager over network. Each speaker have independent address code. Day and night self-diagnosis and real-time fault reporting functions.

(6) Voice recording
The recording storage server SV8 is a LINUX-based server with a webpage operation management interface. You can log in to the webpage interface through the webpage user name and password to record and store all call and broadcast records in the system in real time. You can directly perform the recording file on the webpage interface. Play, query, batch management and batch download. The SV8 recording server has self-space management and system diagnostics and alarm functions.

The software control interface of PAGA system

the software for paga system


paga ip speaker

This Remote VoIP amplifier units is IP-based power amplifier. The units is connected to the central exchange unit via Ethernet. Copper CAT5 or CAT6 or fiber cable. The amplifier is a Class D power amplifier due to its especially high efficiency, low power consumption and long life. The remote IP-based power amplifier is integrated speaker monitoring. Speaker circuits are to be continuously monitored for short circuit, earth leakage, and line interruption. Speakers is allowed navigation through the intuitive user interface. The user is be able to define settings and make changes using the integrated web interface.

Advanced Features:

VoIP SIP 2.0
IP amplifier Self-diagnosis.
Line Monitoring between amplifier and intercom server and speakers
Display and function keys at the front of the unit
Up to 4 simultaneous and independent audio channels per unit
Up to 8 integrated, selectively addressable speaker circuits
Integrated speaker line monitoring
Integrated web interface
Intelligent N+1 backup control
Freely programmable
Integrated monitoring functions (short circuit, excess temperature, voltage failure, function monitoring)
Distortion factor < 0.5% at rated power
Optimized according to the EN 60849 standard “Sound systems for emergency purposes” Upon special requirement.

paga ip speaker

Explosion proof speaker

explosion proof speaker view
explosion proof speaker

==>>>>Product Application

The Application field of PAGA-G3 system

The application areas: oil and gas exploration and production platforms, floating storage and offloading (FSO), floating production storage and offloading (FPSO), liquefied natural gas (LNG) and petroleum ships, onshore oil and gas processing plants, including oil and gas terminals, petrochemicals Oil refineries and power companies, ships, offshore drilling platforms, offshore platforms, oil refineries, petroleum, petrochemical, natural gas, military, thermal power, nuclear power, metallurgy, and dangerous places containing flammable and explosive gases, high noise, corrosion, dust, In such places, harsh working environments such as strong electromagnetic radiation and strong interference require the installation of PAGA public address and general alarm systems.

Hong Kong KNTECH Technology products are specially designed for high-risk application scenarios. The products have passed ATEX and IECEX certification. The products are the highest international standard explosion-proof level, allowing users to realize safe voice and alarm and broadcast functions in potentially explosive environments. The system adopts automatic IPPABX telephone system and PAGA system (public address and general alarm system). When an emergency or other special situation occurs, it is necessary to broadcast or alarm in a large area. The telephone is integrated with the PAGA system through the SIP server. Communication, you can implement PAGA (Public Broadcasting and General Alarm System) system for a wide range of areas to broadcast or alarm functions

paga system application

paga system application  paga system explosion proof telephone application paga system explosion proof telephone application

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