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Noise Sensor

Noise Sensor



Noise Sensor view

Noise Sensor KNPA-NS01

Noise sensors are used in network-based diital broadcasting system, which are distributed in the field of each broadcastinoarea to detect the environmenta noise of the broadcastina area in rea time and send the environmenta noise oft the broadcastina area to the corresponding equipment of the broadcasting svstem, the power amplifier automatica ly adiusts the broad casiyolume of the coresponding broadcast area. When the instantaneous noise sianal disappears, the data wil also be sent to thecorresponding equipment.

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Noise Sensor Size

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==>>>> Product Specification

Microphone : Capacitive
Directivity : Omni-directional
Frequency response : 40Hz~16KHz, ≤ +-1dB
Distortion : ≤1%
Power consumption : ≤ 4W
Power supply : POE
lnput voltage tolerance : 37 - 57 VDC
Network interface : 1 X RJ45100/1000BASE
Protocol : UDP/http/SIP2.0
Operation Temperature : -25°C to 55°C
Humidity : 5 - 100 %
Dimensions : 215mm (diameter) x 68mm (depth)

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Noise Sensor viewNoise Sensor view

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This product model:KNPA-NS01