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Outdoor Telephone Box

Outdoor Telephone Box

material:cold-roll steel sheets

The outdoor phone box is a Weather resistant enclosure specially designed to accommodate outdoor analog phones or outdoor landline phones.Our phone box is privately customizable.
outdoor telephone box feature

Outdoor telephone box KNB3

The outdoor telephone box is made of metal material and is a professional waterproof box. The outdoor telephone box is waterproof, weather resistant, strong in appearance, dustproof, etc. It is often used as a storage box for communication equipment in excavation outside underground tunnels.
KNTECH style a stock of weather resistant phone box, excellent to be used with wall telephones in out of doors. 

Our Phone Boxes give the last protection  in weather protection for your telephone or different medium devices. These phone boxes ar created of solid metallic element and ar created for years of out of doors service. Our out of doors phone box is formed of chrome steel and is immune to harm and water.

Our phone enclosures defend phones in such cases and places: use them in out of doors water space. Our box give for many out of doors areas that house phone walls. they're weatherproof, increasing the period of time of your phone.

The outdoor telephone box also as the weather resistant phone Enclosures
Compatible with flush-mount telephones for surface-mount installations, these weather-resistant enclosures ar designed for indoor/outdoor applications like decision boxes found publically areas for facility maintenance and public service personnel. These boxes will accomodate many alternative all weather emergency and vandal resistant telephones.Outdoor Enclosure telephone kiosk provides the last protection in weather protection for your product, a phonephone or different medium devices.

Outdoor telephone box features

weatherproof housing only,  Robust metal body,   Vandal resistant and tamper-resistant hardware, simple installation

Ideal housing for your outdoor locations and indoor locations where your phone needs to be secure or have extra protection.

Protection: Weather resistant to IP55 standard, service temperature range from: -35 degree to +75 degree

Outdoor telephone box design

outdoor telephone desingn

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==>>>> Product Specification



Material:cold-roll steel sheets

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==>>>>Telephone System

Outdoor telephone box use in outdoor phone system

The outdoor telephone box is suitable for tunnel projects. When the underground tunnel is excavated, the outdoor telephone box is used to accommodate the tunnel telephone to prevent the tunnel telephone from being damaged.
The outdoor phone system use the ip pbx .
outdoor telephone box in tunnel construction system

==>>>>Product Application
As Public telephone for indoor or outdoor, Taxi or bus stands or station, Highway call box Railway, metro, ATM machines side,  Tunnel, Port, Dock, Mines, Generation facilities...A good ideal telephone for use in wet or corrosive atmospheres
outdoor telephone box front view

==>>>>Product Detailed Pictures

Outdoor telephone box detail

outdoor telephone box front view outdoor telephone box front view outdoor telephone box left view outdoor telephone box open the door outdoor telephone box when it open the door outdoor telephone box when it open the door

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This product model:KNB3


Daisy-December 27, 2018-United Arab Emirates

This is very good, the outdoor box is used to install the telephone, and the waterproof level reaches ip67 after the door is closed.