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Highway Roadside Emergency Call

Highway intercom system and pa system

System Overview

The system facilitates the development of information technology in the expressway industry, and applies the integrated communication command technology to the daily management of expressways to realize the intelligent operation of expressways. Through the integration of intercom, emergency assistance, emergency broadcasting, monitoring and office communication systems with expressway toll booths, it helps the high-speed industry to maximize management efficiency and economic benefits.
By using the existing network of the toll station, the toll booth can communicate with the station monitoring room or the monitoring center. The two-level management structure is convenient for toll collectors to report abnormal situations in time; the station monitoring room can broadcast to all toll booths of the station; when the toll booth encounters an emergency, it will notify the monitoring center through hidden buttons; the monitoring center uses the intercom phone to call Mobile phones of inspectors who go to non-fixed positions.

The system features

Intercom function
The guard on duty talks with the monitoring center, station monitoring room, and squad leader; one-click arrival.
Broadcast function
Through the dispatching console management software, high Express highway zone broadcasting, propaganda broadcasting, Emergency broadcast.
Emergency consultation
When the monitoring center is talking to the helper, Others can be invited through the emergency consultation mechanism Personnel (including station monitoring room, monitor, etc. ) Join and conduct multi-party consultations.
Urgent help
When the driver is in an emergency, press the intercom to end End help button, you can quickly call the station monitor Control room or monitoring center, the Time response, caller can be timely receive help.
Alarm function
Trigger emergency alarm and realize video connection move.
Monitor recording
Call recording, 24-hour audio and video synchronization Video.

highway intercom and pa system

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