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Prison Telephone System

Prison Network IP Broadcast Intercom System

The construction of the prison ip broadcasting system aims to strengthen prison management, prevent cases from occurring in prisons, improve prison management, reduce prison management costs, and improve monitoring capabilities. Through the use of advanced and mature information technology in each system, the intelligentization of supervision is realized, and the management of prisons is more scientific and more convenient.

The construction of the prison security system includes video surveillance, intercom monitoring alarm, emergency alarm, perimeter defense, public broadcasting, access control and other systems. Through the integrated prison security management integrated platform, the various subsystems are integrated and managed through a unified platform , Control and command, realize mutual correlation and alarm linkage among various systems. When an emergency occurs in a prison, the system activates an emergency plan, reads and inquires surveillance videos and various types of supervision information in all supervision places, cooperates with relevant personnel to command and handle emergencies, and maintain the safety and stability of supervision places.
The intercom monitoring alarm system of the prison uses the intercom monitoring alarm management server in the prison command center. The intercom monitoring alarm module is designed in the prison's factory buildings, workshops, prisons, hospitals, canteens and other areas. With the help of the prison internal communication network platform, Build a set of monitoring internal intercom, monitoring, emergency help, broadcasting, and alarm systems. The system is a very important part of the construction of the prison security system. It is used for information exchange between prison internal management personnel and prisoners and timely monitoring of the prison police situation. Deal with and monitor abnormal crimes to improve the security level of prisons. The system construction fulfills the following functional requirements:
1. Basic requirements: This intercom and alarm system uses the original network foundation inside the prison for design and construction.
2. Intercom function: When needed, each prison officer's office staff can call the sub-control duty room of the building to talk to the cadres on duty. When needed, the cadre on duty can also directly call the office staff through the microphone for intercom. Intercoms can also be conducted through microphones between the sub-control duty rooms.
3. Alarm function: When prison guards encounter emergencies during prison inspections or find that prisoners are threatened by violence, life attacks and other dangerous situations, they will send the alarm through the alarm button. After pressing the alarm button, the alarm server initiates a regional emergency broadcast, and at the same time the audible and visual alarms in the cadre's duty room and the multifunctional activity area are activated, and the cadres on the scene react as soon as possible.
4. Monitoring linkage: intercom, alarm system and monitoring system linkage, when the intercom and alarm request is initiated, the main control room will automatically pop up the monitoring video. Cooperating with the monitoring system, the monitoring system can control the call switch, or automatically switch the monitoring screen during a call.

prison network broadcast intercom system

1. Intercom system application function

The prison intercom, monitoring, broadcasting, and alarm system is a very important part of the digital construction of prisons. It can realize information exchange between managers and prisoners, timely deal with the police situation in prison, and monitor abnormal crimes to improve prisons. The level of safety precautions.
The intercom system is based on the prison's internal network to transmit audio and video signals. By setting up intercom terminals in the command center, duty room, prison area, dormitory building and other areas, a set of information exchanges between managers and managers and prisoners can be constructed. Voice real-time intercom, monitoring, monitoring, and alarm system for information exchange; the intercom system integrates the practical intercom, monitoring, broadcasting and alarm functions of prisons, as well as voice recording, electronic map, call waiting, Advanced functions such as call forwarding, video linkage, and multi-party calling.

1. Intercom function

Realize the intercom between managers; realize the intercom between managers and prisoners; each intercom content can be recorded and stored for a long time.
2. Emergency alarm
When there is an abnormal situation in the prison and you need to ask for help, you can quickly call the center with one button through the intercom terminal, request the center for help or report information, and hand it over to the center for processing, and the entire intercom process is recorded and saved;
3. Designated intercom
When the sub-control or command center needs to communicate with prisoners in the prison, the intercom system can be used for instant intercom. There should be no delays or discontinuities in the intercom process. The entire intercom process is recorded and saved;
4. Monitoring function
Realize real-time monitoring of prisoners by managers, and the monitoring content can be recorded and stored for a long time.
5. Broadcast function
Realize that all levels of management personnel can operate the entire area or district broadcast under the network, and the normal intercom and monitoring functions are not affected during the broadcast.
6. Linkage function
The system and the surveillance video system are integrated into the security management platform. By connecting with the surveillance video system, it can realize real-time video surveillance when the relevant area is alarmed.
7. Electronic map function
By importing the prison plane map, the system sets the map location of the intercom terminal to realize the direct positioning on the map when the intercom terminal intercoms and alarms in the relevant area.
8. Multi-point alarm function
The system designs the prison management center in the command center, and sets up the system's sub-control management platform in the duty room of each prison area. The intercom terminal of the prison area can quickly conduct real-time intercom calls with the management center or duty room through the intercom module button.

2. Comprehensive functions of the intercom system

Alarm terminal function

Receive broadcast

Mandatory reception of the content of broadcast notifications, deterrence shouts, and emergency command content from the main control center or sub-control center.

Call the police for help

When the prisoner encounters an emergency (such as fighting, etc.), he promptly calls the management center through the alarm terminal for help.

Live view

A camera is built into the alarm terminal for help. When a prisoner presses the button of the terminal to call for help, the prison guard can see the surrounding environment of the scene to facilitate the judgment of the situation on the scene.

Warning lights

When a help alarm event occurs, the external warning light will flash, and the light can be transmitted farther than the sound, which is convenient for the prison guards and on-duty personnel to see and respond, and at the same time play a deterrent effect on criminals.

Security linkage

When an alarm for help is initiated, the alarm terminal output signal triggers the camera to locate according to the preset position, the monitoring center automatically pops up the video screen, and the staff on duty realizes audio and video linkage processing.

External devices

It can be connected with microphone, active speaker, speaker, recording output, door light control, electric lock, door sensor, alarm button and other functions.

Deterrent shouts

When suspicious objects and emergency public security situations are found in the surveillance video, the surveillance center can implement emergency broadcast calls to the alarm points for help, which can play a voice deterrent effect.

Emergency Command

When an emergency situation occurs in the surveillance video, the surveillance center can implement emergency voice calls to the alarm point and direct the on-site handling of the incident.

Receive alarm

When a prisoner calls the police for help, the monitoring center connects to the duty room management machine to receive the call for help and deal with on-site problems.

Broadcast notification

The monitoring center can broadcast notifications for all the alarm points controlled by it in the whole area; it can also broadcast notifications for a few specific sub-control areas.

3. Advantages of the intercom system

1. Simple and fast operation
One key to start the intercom and talk directly.
2. High volume and good sound quality
The call audio frequency range is 7KHz, and hands-free calls and calls can still be carried out in noisy environments.
3. Public broadcasting
     Can point broadcast, zone broadcast and whole area broadcast.
4. Environmental monitoring
     The sound of the environment near each terminal can be monitored in the control room.
5. External interface
The terminal has mutual assistance audio output, access control output, alarm input interface, etc. to facilitate system linkage.
6. Call recording
The system has automatic call recording function, which is stored in the server hard disk, which is safe and convenient to call at any time

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