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IP Tunnel Emergency Telephone System

The tunnel emergency telephone system is an important part of the highway communication operation management system. In the case of traffic anomalies or major accidents in the tunnel, the driver can promptly request the tunnel management personnel for rescue through the emergency phone, and quickly carry out troubleshooting operations. The traditional emergency telephone system has the problems of transmission distance limitation, multi-level management, poor stability, and unclear voice effects.
To this end, we have launched the latest ip network emergency tunnel communication system. The ip tunnel telephone system integrates emergency phone intercom and broadcast into a comprehensive management system, which is transmitted by the emergency phone console (ip pbx, sip server, duty room phone). Emergency equipment such as optical cables, emergency telephones, lights and horns.

Advantages of our system:
* Using IP PBX technology, centralized management of all terminals
* One-click intercom to talk with duty room quickly
* With queue and automatic transfer function, can ensure that all emergency calls can be answered
* All call recordings are automatically uploaded to the server
* The emergency communication system and the broadcast system are integrated to support one-click broadcasting in the duty room
* Broadcasting system supports even call broadcasting and recording file broadcasting

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