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Emergency call solution for campus

System Overview

Safe campus "one-click" emergency alarm intercom system solution, to promote the development of security information technology in the education industry, the use of integrated communications command technology in campus security management, to achieve smart campus operations.

The solution is based on the IP network high-definition audio and video communication technology, and a student-centered help intercom system covering all activity areas on the campus is constructed. The system implements emergency help intercom, emergency broadcasting, emergency command, telephone, monitoring and The integration of the communication system of the control center provides fast and effective services to students' various types of alarm requests, protects the lives of students, and helps the education industry maximize the efficiency of safety management and emergency response.

Help call intercom
Video intercom with the monitoring room, security and management personnel
Emergency consultation
When talking with help-seeking personnel, you can invite other personnel (including school leaders, 911 police, etc.) to join through the emergency consultation mechanism to conduct multi-party consultation.
Emergency broadcast
Shouting broadcast
Audio and video recording
Support the query of the usual audio and video recording, including terminal records, date, time, etc.
The terminal has a built-in camera and a microphone to pick up sound.
Timed inspection
The management staff remotely inquires about the external situation of the equipment to reduce the management cost.
Automatic queuing
Automatic incoming call queuing, which can be automatically assembled without missing any incoming call.
Call an outside line
The console can record contact information and support one-touch speed dialing
emergency call solution for campus

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