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Emergency call system for hospital

The emergency call system is a button intercom system for nurses between the nurse station and the ward. The whole system is based on the ip protocol, which realizes one-button emergency call intercom and wireless intercom function, and realizes emergency communication between nurses' stations, wards and corridor medical staff. The entire system is fast, convenient and simple. The entire system contains all the communication equipment needed for the hospital emergency system, including one-button emergency intercom in the ward, operator console of the nurse station, speed dial telephone, voip intercom, alarm light, etc.

The composition of the emergency call system

The emergency call system is designed for emergency calls between hospital nurse stations and wards. The entire system uses the ip network signal, and the ip version of the button intercom is used urgently for the dialogue terminal. The nurse station focuses on the overall control using the operator console for emergency communication scheduling. The nurse answers use the VOIP office phone and the speed dial phone with multiple sets of speed dial buttons. The whole system adopts ip pbx server for integrated hosting, broadcasts with ip pbx system, and automatically assigns dispatcher and multicast. The entire ip pbx system is also integrated with the wireless intercom system. Doctors and corridor nurses carry wireless intercoms to facilitate emergencies. Nurse stations can be contacted and deployed in a timely manner.

Emergency call system uses the advantages of the hospital

1. It is completely free to use ip network internal communication.

2. The intercom terminal has one speed dialing and one button intercom function, which is convenient and quick.

3. Use ip pbx system to automatically assign dispatchers with alarm function and broadcast function

4. The entire call system includes a wireless intercom system

5. VoIP phone and operator dispatching console, using functional GUI interface, configuration, easy to operate.

6. Strong scalability, online upgrade VoIP phone software and ip pbx software

7. Rich multimedia features.

What can an emergency call system do with an ip pbx server?

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