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Public Address System

KNPA5 Serverless Paging system in Tunnel

 This paging system is suitable for the petrochemical, oil production platform, metallurgical steel, nuclear power, subway, high-speed railway, tunnel, shipbuilding and so on, and it can be in explosion proof and the explosion-proof section joint network, the group call, group calling, peer-to-peer calls alone

1.The system adopts parallel connections,with three pairs of twisted-pair cable (wire diameter 0.5-0.8 mm2) connect the 1-919 telephones,or connected by optical fiber;
2. Basic communication:click-to-call,keep/recovery,no disturb,evening and holidays setting service;
3. Command and dispatching function:allow single calls,group calls,breaking,call pickup,monitor calls,audible busy tone,sequence calls,divisional calling etc;
4. Broadcast ability:Including radio, propaganda, environmental monitoring, and other functions;
5.The control terminal can display the terminal failures of telephone in time;
6. Multiple dry contact combined with fire protection system;
7. Allow to connect with the external sound equipment,the background music stopped automatically when other sound equipment is working;
8. Broadcast system is compatible for fire radio broadcast, including emergency announcing disaster prevention;
9. Fallback mode:when back-up power in terminal failure,it will switch to the backup mode of terminal, and then achieve the above functions;
10. Allow customized of flash, anti-noise telephone booth, speakers phone pillar etc

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