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PA System Mobile App

PA System Mobile App


PA System APP

Mobile PA App KNPAAPPV1 Overview

PA-app is designed and developed by kOONTECH for simple and intuitive broadcast scheduling operations, The mobile phoneinstalls the PA-app and connects to the wif;, launches the PA-APP to visually see various broadcast areas, can realize the PAsystem scheduling function through the mobile phone APP.

pa system app

The core of the PA system is the KNPA-50 server. The mobile phone installs PA-App to carry on the broadcast operation to the broadcast system terminal. The whole system consists of many types of broadcast terminals, users can choose a variety of broadcast terminals based on the actual situation.

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PA System APP Features

Provide professional quality graphical user interface.

GUI user page, intuitive, easy to operate.

One key emergency broadcast, 0 ~ 9 level broadcast priority automatic identification

Real-time display broadcast user status;

Multi-user multi-task startup broadcast

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pa system app

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