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Model T8

Model T8


Model T8
Handset with armoured cord
Model Number:
       Model T8 
       (suitable for KNSP-18/KNEX1/KNEX2)
Transmitter (microphone)       Electret type SG9767(33-35 db) / 150 ohm
Handset Receiver:                  M150H (95~97 db) / 150 ohm

==>>>> Product Specification


     + Material: 
     + High quality SMC 2600 
     + Cord rotative tube is made of stainless steel with good flexibility, 
     + excellent elasticity and tensile performance 
     + Strong anti-destructive capability 
     + Handle tensile strength: >180kg 
     + Handset is not easy to be disassembled without special tool 
     + Weight: about 0.6kg 
     + IP66

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This product model:T8