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Explosion Proof Box

Explosion Proof Box

material:stainless steel 304

Explosion proof box is often used as explosion-proof junction boxes with 20 wire connections. Often used in hazardous areas, as a junction box in telephone communications.If you would like to consult or order explosion proof box, please contact us at marketing@koontech.com or online server, we will provide you with competitive prices.
explosion proof box feature

Explosion proof box KNB16

Explosion proof junction box manufacturers in china.The explosion proof box is made of 304 stainless steel and is made of 4*4. The explosion-proof telephone box has 20 junction, which can be used as a control box for industrial telephones, and has a lock on the door. Made of stainless steel and coated with flame retardant material, the box is not only explosion-proof but also burns.We can manufacture explosion-proof boxes according to user requirements, and our explosion-proof boxes can pass any explosion-proof test.

==>>>> Product Specification

Model: KNB16
Junction box

Junction box with door lock.

Material: stainless steel 304
Box thickness: 1.5mm
Gland: 20pcs gland in stainless steel
Rating: Waterproof IP66
Size: 300X300X150MM
Unit Weight: 5.5kg

Tags:weatherproof phone box,waterproof enclosure,waterproof phone box


==>>>>Telephone System

Explosion proof box in the mining telephone system

The explosion-proof box serves as a storage box for the switch and is used in outdoor hazardous work areas.

explosion proof box in conmmunication scheduling

==>>>>Product Application

explosion proof box

==>>>>Product Detailed Pictures

Exlosion proof box,front view,side view,top view

explosion proof box front view explosion proof box side view explosion proof box top view explosion proof box top view

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This product model:KNB16