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Horn Speaker

Horn Speaker


Kntech Loudspesker(L5)
This is a fixed-resistance horn speaker with 30W power and an impedance of 8 ohms. The exterior is sturdy and easy to install. It is suitable for pa system. The horn speaker is made of stainless steel raw materials, and the surface is coated with anti-corrosion paint. It has a long service life and can be installed outdoors for weatherproofing.
horn speaker for outdoor feature

Horn Speaker

Our horn speaker are mainly formed into a conical shape for better sound amplification and sound transmission. Our horn speakers are mainly used outdoors, often used in pa system or paga system. This is a fixed-resistance speaker. The distance between the speaker and the amplifier is no more than 10M. How do you want to use the speaker at a long distance such as the tunnel? In transmission, you need to use a constant voltage horn speaker.

What is a speaker horn?

A speaker horn is a modern electroacoustic component whose main function is to convert electrical signals into sound, often called a speaker. The horn matching work is usually combined and installed in the pa system for dissemination and notification of information.

How do speaker horns work?

A speaker horn is actually a kind of conversion device that converts electrical energy into sound. When different electron energy is transmitted to the coil, the coil generates an energy that interacts with the magnetic field of the magnet. This interaction causes the paper tray to vibrate because the electron energy changes at any time. The coil of the horn will move forward or backward, so the horn of the horn will follow the movement, which causes the density of the air to change and produce sound. The main principle is to use the left-hand theorem in physics, using the electromagnetic principle to cause vibration of the film and to make sound.
   Fixed resistance Speaker
     Freq.Range: 400-8KHz(-20dB)
     Rated SPL:125±3dB
     Impedance: 8 Ohm
     Input Power: 30W
     Mounting:“U”Bracket with Screw
     M&Finish: Aluminum/White Powder Painting
     IP Level: IP67
     Inner packing box:290*210*285 G.W.2.2kg 1pcs packing
     Packing: 570*580*425 G.W. 9KG 8pcs in one big box.

the horn speaker design

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Input Power:30w

Waterproof level:ip67

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how to connect the outdoor horn speaker

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outdoor horn in inner outdoor horn speaker application outdoor horn speaker in factory outdoor horn in inner

outdoor horn in inner

outdoor horn in inner

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horn speaker front view 30w horn speaker back view 30w the horn speaker for outdoor the horn speaker left view the horn speaker right view the horn speaker back view

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This product model:L5(30w)