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Highway call boxs are shipped on Malaysian highways

In 2020, Star Tech Distribution Sdn Bhd purchased a large number of highway emergency telephones from KNTECH.

Project background: As one of the developed countries in transportation, Malaysia has developed rapidly in recent years, and the corresponding highway emergency communication has also been vigorously developed. In order to meet the emergency communication needs of expressways, our company provides a GSM emergency call box for Malaysian expressways.

Product introduction: KNZD-09A-GSM
Product features: 1. Built-in 14000mAh lithium battery, standby time up to 355 hours.
2. Resistance to high and low temperature: normal work in -25℃-+65℃ environment.
3. SMS function: automatically send alarm information.
A. The emergency button does not work.
B. The battery is low.
C. GSM signal is poor
D. The door is opened.
4. Practical luminous logo.

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