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Media Gateway

Media Gateway


KNUC Series

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Media Gateway Model: KNUC32

KNUC32 series UC PABX is a high-performance ANALOGUE/VoIP that supports a wide range capabilities.

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VoIP licenses order number: LL-VOIP. Up to 30 IP devices managed extra.

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Strongest-possible: Security protectionusing HTTP

Built-in call recordingserver: Recordingsaccessedvia webuser interface.

SIP Supports call queue: For efficient call volume management.

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Key Features

Supports SIP 2.0:

Complies with the latest SIP standards, making it interoperablewith a wide range of VolP equipment.

Wide range of voice codecs:

Supports a variety of voice codecs, including G,711A/u,G,7231high/low, and G,729, This ensures that calls are clear and reliable.even over long distances.

Echo cancellation:

Features echo cancellation to reduce echo and improve call quality.

Real-Time Status Display:

Supports point to point calling for direct communication betweentwo endpoints.

DTFM mode:

Supports DTFM mode for caller ID and other features.


Supports fax over P for sending and receiving faxes.

SIP application:

Supports a variety of SIP applications, such as calltransfer, call waiting, and caller ID.

WAN DHCP Client:

Can obtain an IP address from a DHCP server.

SNTP Client:

Can synchronize its time with an SNTP server.

Website configuration:Can be configured and managed via a web browser

Advanced Functions

Support 1-32 FXO/FXS/E&M ports. For option.

All the ports can call each other. PSTN line can call external line.

Can order extra 32 VOIP licenses. Total 64 ports.

Can be integrated with existing phone systems, making it a seamless transition to VOIP.

Can be used to connect to a variety of VolP providers, giving you the flexibility to choose the best one for your needs.


Scalability: ls a scalable solution that can expand with the needs of your business

Flexibility: is a flexible solution that can be adapted to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes

Cost savings:Our Media Gateway can help vou save money on your telecommunications costs by eliminating the need for atraditional PBX and by reducing long distance calling costs.

lmproved call quality: Our Media Gateway can provide improved call quality compared to traditional phone systems by using the latestvoice codecs and echo cancellation technology.


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