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Automatic Amplifier Switch

Automatic Amplifier Switch


Automatic Amplifier Switch SH-6021M

Automatic Amplifier Switch SH-6021M

※ High-grade aluminum 2U black oxide brushed panel, beautiful and elegant;

※ Microcomputer control, LED display of working status, clear at a glance;

※ 5 main power amplifier input, 1 backup power amplifier input;

※ The output volume of 5 channels can be adjusted independently;

※ It has the function of automatic fault detection and automatic switching;

※ Large channel switching capability: 150V/20A, audio signal;

※ Preferred equipment for large-scale applications;

※ Number of main channel groups: 5 groups (CH1 ~ CH5);

※ Spare channel: 1;

※ Channel switching capability: 150V/20A, audio signal;

※ Signal input port parameters: 0.775V (0 dB), 10k ohms(Ω), unbalanced;

※ Signal output port parameters: 0.775V (0 dB), 10k ohms(Ω), unbalanced Note: When the volume is adjusted to the maximum;

※ Input detection threshold: 50mV, detection time constant 20mS;

※ Output detection threshold: 100mV, detection time constant 20mS;

※ Patrol inspection cycle: 20mS, patrol inspection 30 times;

※ Signal input port: In PUT (CH1 ~ CH5);

※ Loop signal output port: OUT PUT (CH1 ~ CH5);

※ Connect the main power amplifier input port: INPUT (CH1 ~ CH5);

※ Connect the input port of the spare power amplifier: OUTPUT (SPARE);

※ Connect the main power amplifier output port: MAIN AMPLIFIER (CH1 ~ CH5);

※ Connect the spare power amplifier output port: SPARE AMPLIFIER;

※ Speaker interface: SPEAKER OUTPUT (CH1 ~ CH5);

※ Function control: one power switch key, one reset key, one alarm key, five volume adjustment keys,One device address setting switch (2 bits), one online control interface, and one short-circuit power activation port;

※ Indicators: POWER, CH1 ~ CH5 normal working indicator, CH1 ~ CH5 fault status indicator, CH1 ~ CH5 switching status indicator;

※ Protection: AC FUSE×0.5A×1;

※ Power cord: (3×0.5mm2)×1.5M (standard);

※ Power supply: AC 220V ± 10% 50-60Hz;

※ Power consumption: 20~25W;

※ Machine size: 89(H)×483(W)×350(D) mm;

※ Net weight: 6.9kg;

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