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Telephone hood RF-19

Telephone hood RF-19

Product model:RF-19
material: Glass fiber reinforced plastics/Rock wool

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Sound-proof booth Soundproof Cabin RF-19 Clinical SOUNDPROOF BOOTHS

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Product Introduction

    Product Name: Sound-proof booth Soundproof Cabin RF-19 Clinical SOUNDPROOF BOOTHS

    Product Model: RF-19

    Size: 2000*1000*1000MM(Can be customized)
    Material:Glass fiber reinforced plastics / Rock wool
    Noise Reduction Numerical Value: 40dB
    Installation:Bottom 4 holes, can be connected with the ground.
    Mounting screws: Supporting outer hexagonal screws M10 * 30 + expansion screws /  4 sets each

    The RF-19 telephone booth is specially designed for the noise environment. It adopt high quality glass fiber reinforced plastics and rock wool, sturdy and durable, Have a good anti-noise effect, can reduce about 30-40 db. This telephone booth is very applies to high-noise environments such as ships, offshore platforms, power plants, smelters plants, petrochemical and so on, the size, style, color of the product can be customized according to customer demand.

Layout drawing

Packing details


Standard kntech wooden box packing

Box size: 2100*1500*1500MM in one box

Shipping weight: 950KG

Sound-proof booth Soundproof Cabin RF-19 Clinical SOUNDPROOF BOOTHS

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