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Kntech Point To Point Telephone System
Kntech Point To Point Telephone System
Product model:Kntech Five way intercom with Master

5way intercome with 123master
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The elevator Intercom system will be applied to elevator emergency or maintenance application. Also applicable for shipping center, bus terminal, car park center, tunnel construction.etc.
Power supply: Centralized DC 12V. or AC 110~220v AC


Operating Instructions:
1. Master station call elevator phone: Pick up the master station handset, press the elevator phone number and speak to it. Press * to speak all elevator phone. Elevator phone will auto stop when master station hang up.
2. Elevator phone call Master station: press call button or pick up hand,  the phone will automatically call master station.  Both master will ring. Elevator phone will auto stop when master station hang up.
3. Marster1 call Master2: Pick up the handset of the Master1, then press the other master station phone number, Master2 rings, speak to it. 


 Working Voltage: DC12V             Operating Current: ≤300mA
 Maximum Power Consumption: 2W      Noise Voltage: ≤1OmV
 Communication Distance: ≤2000m    Ringing Level:≥7OdB
Working Condition:
- Ambient Temperature: -40℃∽60℃ Relative Humidity: 30%∽95%
- Ambient Noise: 60 dB   Line Number: double core line
- Description for the wire: single line resistance can't more than 50 Ohm.


 Wire requirements:
Require all connecting the kingdom line, multicore parallel lines can meet the general engineering requirements.  
When walking line and strong power line interference serious environmental mixed wiring, the shielding measures should be adopted to keep distance and take more than 30 cm.


Packing details:
1pcs in each inner CTN box,
size: 43.3 x 27.6 x 19.1   G.W: 4kg
4pcs in outer CTN box, size: 56.6 x 44.5 x42  G.W: 20.25kg
20GP: 3000PCS,  40GP: 6000PCS,  40HQ: 7000PCS