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KNTECH PAGA System Instructions
KNTECH PAGA System Instructions
Product model:PAGA system

KNTECH PAGA System Instructions
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PAGA system configuration diagram


1. Description

KNTECH Offshore platform PAGA (Public Address and General Alarm) system is an
important part of internal communication. PAGA technical field is integrated PABX
(phone system) and the audio / video intercom, paging, broadcast, commend and
other communication function. Function of the system is characterized by diversity,
serve for big area and long transmission distance. This PAGA system is the current
international mainstream platform PAGA system configuration and function analysis,
formed a relatively safe and reliable, economic and reasonable Offshore platform. In
addition, the PAGA system is also widely used in railway stations, airports, docks,
schools, shopping malls, ships, etc. The project is optimal design for this system,
which is a helpful reference for related engineering and technical personnel.

2、Offshore platform PAGA system’s composition and function


2.1 The composition of Offshore platform PAGA system

For the offshore platform, the basic composition of PAGA includes three parts:

(1) The PAGA host, including the main controller module, audio and video media
module, a power amplifier module, power module, frame and other auxiliary modules.
(2) PAGA operating station, including the main control station, remote control station.
(3) Terminal equipment, including speakers, sound and light alarm device,
emergency waterproof /explosion-proof telephone and so on.

2.2 The function of Offshore platform PAGA system

For offshore platform, its PAGA system basic function includes three parts:


(1) Public Address, also namely the function of PA
The main functions are the platform Public Address and voice broadcast. It is the
highest use frequency on function of this system. Platform staff through telephone
station or audio system input port, and the voice information will be broadcast through
a speaker on the platform, finally it achieves the public address. The system should
make the people who are usually from place to place can hear the radio clearly in
daily operation. In addition, the system shouldn’t need to be recipient for any action to
receive the broadcast information. Broadcasting system can also have the function of
distinguish different region.


(2) General Alarm function, also namely the function of the GA
The function is mainly refers to play the General Alarm information on the platform.
It is the combination of security system. When the platform in an emergency, the staff
can trigger the corresponding alarm, or this alarm will be triggered automatically by
security system to make staff do relevant emergency operation. The PAGA system
can realize general alarm function via tone generator. The tone generator stores up to
30 editable tones, meanwhile, it provides 30 interfaces to other system for alarm
initiation/alarm ending. In the mean time, it's possible to program different alarm
initiation (e.g., fire alarm, gas alarm, abandon alarm) as well as alarm ending function
to the button of per control station.The GA function of the system is as below,
- alarm tone can be initiated/ stopped from either control station or I/O interfaces from
F/G system or control system
- editable alarm tones are stored in tone generator
- control station can make emergency speech over alarming


(3) Phone functions, also namely the function of BX
A powerful PAGA communication system include the PABX system (telephone
system). The function is applied to the platform’s emergency calls, emergency
intercom, video intercom telephone, also dispatching function of platform. In daily
work, the staff who need to communicate with other post staff or post to meet
emergencies can convey the information by using emergency phone call, including all
calling, single calling, group calling function. Control center staff can use command
functions to achieve single-call, group-call, all-call, interrupt-call, replace-call, monitor,
busy indicator, order-call, Area-call and other operations.