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Voip Telephone Server

Voip Telephone Server

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Voip Telephone Server
IP PBX telephone Server is a telephone system specially dealing with unified management of group telephone. The system has voice navigation, caller diverting, call memory, telephone recording, telephone conference and other functions. This is an easy-to-manage telephone system, which can be used to set up different IVR or call transfer at different times, quick transfer, and improve work efficiency.
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UC features for up to 300 users

Voip Telephone Server 

The KNTD-300 IP PBX appliance is designed to bring leading edge voice, video, data, and  ability features to enterprises, small and medium businesses, retail and residential environments in an easy-to-manage fashion. This enterprise-grade on premise IP PBX supports E1, T1 and J1 networks and offers scalability by supporting up to 300 users.  This secure and reliable IP PBX delivers unifed communication features at an unprecedented price point it hout any licensing fees, costs-per-feature, or recurring fees.The IP PBX system supports holding teleconference, and several meeting Bridges can be held at the same time. Inside or outside line Numbers can be invited during the meeting, and the meeting room can be recorded all the way.

KNTECH IP PABX Model Number  simultaneous calls


 Register user  Simultaneous Calls  Model Number
 50 line  15 line  KNTD-50
 100 line  30 line  KNTD-100
 300 line  90 line  KNTD-300
 500 line  150 line  KNTD-500
 800 line  400 line  KNTD-800
 1000 line  300 line  KNTD-01K
 3000 line  900 line  KNTD-03K
 5000 line  1500 line  KNTD-05K

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