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Kntech Fire telephone
Kntech Fire telephone
Product model:Kntech KNZD-46

KNZD-46 specification
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The Fire telephone will be designed to work on railway, metro, tunnel…

Telephone Features:
 Matching with most PABX, PBX and PAX systems
1. Metal body with SUS keypad, solid and temperature bearable
2. Handset with armored cord
3. Hearing Aid compatible receiver, noise canceling microphone
4. Lightening protection to ITU-T recommendation K.21
5. Waterproof grade is IP65
6. The metal shell is provided with grounding connection device and is absolutely insulated with inner circuit and electric, then has the effect of electromagnetism shield.
7. Can realize ring off automatically if the other side close.
8. Totally adopt SMTC craftwork keep very good quality.

Fire Alarm Feature
1. Break Fire Box, the siren flash and sound
2. Press blue button to mute siren sound during telephone conversation
3. Press blue button again, the siren will continue sounding
4. Built-in addressable module and control module, making control room personnel can remote control the fire alarm system by control panel.
5. The siren sound greater than 120dB