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Emergency IP telephone

Emergency IP telephone

Product model:KNZD-27A
material:SUS 304

Emergency IP telephone knzd-27A is koontech's specially designed IP phone for emergencies. In the design, for the emergency phone design has automatic dialing, automatic hang up the function. Auto dial telephone is very popular in the hospital and school of the bank. We are committed to the bank service phone。
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Emergency IP telephone

KNZD-27 Emergency IP telephone

As a professional Emergency IP telephone factory, we provide different kind of Emergency IP telephone and export to 130 countries. The Most Professional Emergency IP telephone Manufacture in Asia! 

Operations & Use
Receive a call: 
Pick-up the handset when the phone rings.  Put the handset back on the cradle when call is finished. 

Pick-up the handset, then to push one of the call buttons.  

Store numbers:
Connect phone line, move jumper on the PCB from 1 to on, Pick-up the handset ,input numbers, then press any key of s1-s3 as address of your stored number, Put the handset back in the cradle, move jumper on the PCB from on to 1. close phone case.

auto dial telephone key

1、 Applicable for various types of SPC exchange and dispatching exchange system with feeding voltage of 45-60V.
2、 Ambient temperature:-30℃~75℃ Relative humidity:10%~95%
Atmospheric pressure: 86~106Kpa Circumstance noise:≤ 60dB(A)
3、 Sound level of ringing:≥85dB(A).
4、The distance between telephone to PABX Maximum:7KM
5、 Phone line powered


bank service phone designEmergency IP telephone design

Unit size: 350*330*60(mm)        Unit  N.W.: 5.5KG