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2-Channels Speaker Selector

2-Channels Speaker Selector


2-Channels-speaker-selector KN-6013D

2-channel speaker selector main view

2-Channels speaker selector KN-6013D

※ High-grade aluminum 2U black oxide brushed panel, beautiful and elegant;

※ 2-channel input, 10-zone output (70V/100V audio signal);

※ 10 channel partitions can be arbitrarily selected;

※ 25-pin computer activation interface, 10-channel alarm input;

※ Background music and emergency broadcast switching do not affect each other;

※ 10 output channel strobe LED indication;

※ Adopt DC24V and AC100~240V dual power supply, automatically switch to DC24 DC power supply when there is no mains input;

※ Group A input: 70V/100V, audio signal;

※ Group B input: 70V/100V, emergency broadcast (alarm) audio signal;

※ The number of controllable partitions: ten areas 'CH1~CH10' (emergency broadcast (alarm) audio signal is activated and output by the alarm signal);

※ Controlled partition output capacity: the total audio signal input capacity: 1 kW; the output of each partition can be assigned an average load capacity of 100 W;

※ Channel switching capability: 500 W, audio signal;

※ Alarm activation input: (0V) short circuit signal, (ALARM IN);

※ Alarm activation output: (0V) short circuit signal two, (ALARM OUT);

※ Power cord: (3×0.75 mm2)×1.5M (standard);

※ Power supply: AC 220V±10% 50-60Hz;

※ Power consumption: 10~15W;

※ Machine size: 89(H)×483(W)×350(D)mm;

※ Net weight: 6.34kg;

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