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anti noise telephone booth RF-13A

anti noise telephone booth RF-13A

Product model:RF-13A
material:GRP (Glass reinforced plastic)

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KNRF - 13A can be used for pavilion, telephone booth, public phone booth, sentry box, wind and rain resistance phone pavilion, anti-noise telephone booth due to its GRP(Glass reinforced plastic material).
Interior decoration sound-absorbing cotton for the silencing holes, can be applied to serious noise environment and reduce noise from 115-120db to 90-95db. It is suitable in noise environment such as nuclear power plant, shipping, offshore platform, power plant, steel, smelting, petroleum, petrochemical industry and so on.
The telephone inside the phone booth, can be designed with either anti-explosion or explosion functions according to customers; requirements.It is equipped with acoustooptical loudspeakers, and can be
organized freely,achieve group calls,single call, and self-testing functions also.

Product features:

* KNRF - 13A pavilion has achieved a new technology application patent with patent no. 2013 30023686.2 and TUV certification in 16804777001.
* Built-in sound hole and sound-absorbing cotton design, can greatly reduce the external environment noise with at least 23db tested by TUV third-party.
* Glass fiber reinforced plastic material, can be suitable for all kinds of bad environment due to its explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, high temperature resistant, flame retardant features.


Telephone layout:

Installation diagram: