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Emergency telephone

        Emergency telephone is in the place where the accident that easy to install for emergency telephone for help, help, help, as in the highway of highway roadside emergency telephones, waterproof telephone for the coal mine explosion-proof telephone used in coal mines, oil Wells, used in tourism scenic tourists such as telephones are belongs to the category of the emergency telephone. The main function of the emergency telephone is that, when the accident occurs, the telephone which can be used and must be able to be used for emergency call for help has completely different requirements for its work according to different use environment.

        Waterproof and damp-proof telephone/emergency telephone for non-coal mine and mine.

        It is known to all that accidents in mines and mines occur frequently in China, and the positioning of underground personnel and the conditions of underground sites are difficult to be mastered in the rescue work. And at this time, if the emergency telephone under the mine can play with the outside contact, will appear to be particularly important, so the telephone must be able to be in a high (tide) wet environment for a long time normal use, when the mine, mine collapse, flooding accident, must be able to external rescue.

emergency telephone

Specific requirements:

    1. High protection level, at least over IP66. In principle, as long as a person can speak, the emergency telephone must be effective;

    2. Emergency telephones are not normally used, but they must be used when they are used, so there are strict requirements on the quality and service cycle of SOS telephones.

    Example of waterproof and moisture-proof telephone

        It adopts multi-layer waterproof and moisture-proof treatment, which can be used in a high (wet) wet environment for a long time and can ask for help from the outside for a short time. With 12 groups of super long number storage function, support fast dialing, can with luminous display;

        Emergency telephone for highway/emergency telephone

         Used for highway next to the emergency telephone, when the car broke down on the highway, for fast and highway management unit to get in touch with telephone, generally larger, in highway road, using optical fiber transmission or wireless way, when users press the emergency button can be directly connected to the expressway management units or the traffic police corps.

        The highway emergency telephone number example

waterproof emergency telephone

        Protection grade: IP65

        Use solar energy as power source, adopt optical fiber, wireless two kinds of transmission way, press the emergency button can dial automatically to the highway management unit, the number can be stored freely through the matching key

Telephone for tourists in tourist areas/emergency telephone

        With the improvement of people's living standard, there are more and more opportunities to travel. However, we will encounter all kinds of accidents on the way to travel, such as falling off cliffs, being attacked by poisonous beasts, being killed, stolen and robbed of shopping from time to time. When the accident occurred, how to quickly alarm is also a question that must be considered in each scenic spot, so we can see the figure of the tourist asking for help telephone in many tourist attractions.

Sample telephone for help from visitors

        After getting off the phone, the customer service center of the tourist resort will be automatically dialed to achieve emergency assistance, so that the staff of the service center can quickly arrange personnel to deal with relevant accidents.

Emergency telephones/emergency telephones for elevators, public places, etc

        Based on different usage environment, the functional requirements of its emergency telephone is not exactly the same, such as elevator, subway station, railway station, bus station, airport, etc. In order to guarantee the overall aesthetics, generally choose embedded with emergency telephone, its function is mostly to press the emergency button contact service center or management unit.

Elevator emergency assistance telephone example

        Protection grade: IP65

        Press the hands-free button to automatically connect the service center, or it can be set as manual dial as required; When the call is finished, the phone will be automatically hung up to avoid being busy. Cooperate with the switch to realize multiparty communication.