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Emergency call dispatching

Emergency call dispatching

Product model:KNDDT-1-A21
material:Desktop, wall-mounted integrated chassis / aluminu

Emergency call dispatching is the control desk of industrial touch screen dispatcher with double handle dispatcher telephone tunnel pipeline dispatch center. Emergency call dispatching use advanced phone touch screen technology to make phone scheduling easier and faster. Many emergency call dispatch control centers use KNDDT-1-A21, such as subways, tunnels, railway stations, etc.
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Emergency call dispatching

KNDDT-1-A21 operator console center

We are the manufacturer of the operator control center, which is sold all over the world and is used in various engineering fields such as subway, tunnel, bus, railway, large factory.

Emergency Telephone System

Professional Development for Transportation, Metro, Railway, Expressway, Public Security Call Systems. Intercom System, Petroleum, Coal, Mining,  Nuclear Power Plant.