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Outdoor help line


Scenic Spots for Help
Application example of Stone Forest Scenic Spot
Stone Forest Scenic Spot ,known as "the First Spectacle in the world”, is located in the south of Shiling yi autonomous county in Kunming, 86 km. away from Kunming City .This county is the concentrated areas of karst landform (also called karst landscape) in our country. The mutual area of Forest Stone is 400 square kilometers.
In order to effectively safeguard scenic safe order, solve the problems of tourist’s mountain rescue and fire alarm in distress, we specially developed emergency communication for scenic spots. For ease of use, there are obvious symbol markings and  Chinese-English versions on the telephone and it can be quickly access to the monitoring center only by pressing one button.
Our emergency telephones are also application in the scenic spots of Lijiang , Zhangjiajie , etc.

IL nome del Progetto Prodotti Nota
Kazakhstan ski resort KNSP-01 waterproof phone
Stone forest scenic spot SOS telephone
Lang mountain scenic areaSOS telephone
Shenzhen coastal square KNZD-09 emergency phone
Shijiazhuang zoowaterproof phoneSP-01
Suzhou ecology garden Solar telephone

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