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Mining explosion-proof telephone

Mining explosion-proof telephone

Product model:KNEX7 IP

Explosion-proof telephone used in power plants, mining, chemical and other inflammable and explosive places, have a coupler, also known as the coupler explosion-proof telephone.
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Mining explosion-proof telephone
Mining Explosion proof telephones
        Explosion-proof telephone explosion-proof telephone was specially developed for flammable and explosive place such as coal, commonly used in factories and mines of H a level 2 places. Explosion-proof telephone production must conform to the "first machinery industry department, coal, petrochemicals, i.s. explosion-proof electrical equipment manufacturing inspection interim provisions", meet a level 2 H explosion-proof requirements.
     1.Robust aluminium alloy die-cast body, Vandal & tamper-resistant hardware 
     2. Waterproof rating IP66 dust proof. 
     3. Full keypad with memory, 10 button programmable telephone, support free dial. 
     4. Magnetic reed hook-switch. 
     5. Heavy Duty handset with hearing Aid compatible receiver, Noise canceling microphone. 
     6. Handset with industrial strong curly cord . 
     7. Stainless Steel keypad keep waterproof and dusty proof. 
     8. Door cover: orient automatically and good self - closing, convenient for use. 
     9. Temperature range from -40 degree to +70 degree. 
     10. Support echo cancellation. 
     11.The housing covered with a layer of reflective label for easy identification at night. 
     12. Powder coated in UV stabilized polyester finish. 
     13. Application: Hazardous dust and gas atmospheres, petrochemical industry,Tunnel, metro, railway, LRT, speedway, marine, ship,offshore, mine, power plant, bridge etc.
Mining explosion-proof telephoneMining explosion-proof telephone