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Railway & Subway

1: Lan - Yan second railway line: East part of China
Construction company: The Shandong Yantai Railway communication company
Engineering Project: Shandong Laiyang train station electricity service section
2: Dan–long railway line:  Middle of China
Construction company: Railways Ministry 12th office electrification engineering project section Taihang headquarters; Railways Ministry 4th office electrification 1st section
Engineering project: Handan to Changsha line
3: Gang –Ji railway line:  North part of China
Construction company: Beijing railroad engineering firm; Railways Ministry 18th office Construction electrification project section; Railways Ministry electrification construction section; Tianjin railroad Zhonglian communication signal ltd.
Engineering project: Tianjin port to Thistle city line (
4: Zhu-Liu railway line: South part of China
Construction company: Railways Ministry 5th office communication 1st section; Railways Ministry 4th office electrifications section.
Engineering Project: Zhouzhou of Hunan province to Niupenshui of Guizhou province
5: He-Ri railway line: East part of China
Construction company: Railways Ministry of 4th office; The 17th office of Railways Ministry
Engineering project: HECHENG to RIZHAO Harbor( line
6:Shuo- Huang railway line:  Northwest of China
Construction company: Shuohuang company; Railway Ministry 11th/16th/19th office 
Engineering project: Shenchi of Shanxi province to Changzhou city of Hebei province.
7: Beijing - Shanghai - Tianjin round railway line   North part of China
Construction company: China TIETONG shanghai branch (; Railway ministry 2nd/17th  office.
Engineering project: Beijing – Tianjin – Shanghai round railway line.
8: Xuzhou -- Jinan - Zibo - Qingdao – Yantai round railway line
Construction company: China TIETONG Jinan branch (
Engineering project: Jinan  Xuzhou - Jinan - Zibo - Qingdao – Yantai round railway line.

9: Renew Huaihua Railway
Construction company: Huaihua Railway Corporation
Engineering project: renew the communication and electricity equipment.

10: Beijing – Shenyang – Harbin round railway line
Construction company: China Tietong Telecommunications Corporation (
Engineering project: Beijing – Shenyang – Harbin round railway line.

11. Beijing to Xizhou line and Beijing to Jiujiang line
Construction company: China TIETONG Shandong Branch (
Engineering project: Beijing to Xizhou line and Beijing to Jiujiang line

12. Qinhuangdao to Shenyang railway line  North part of China

13.  Dalian high speed railway
Order company: China Railway & Cmmunication Shanhai Engineering company (

14. Tianjin high speed railway
Issuing Order company: China Railway & Cmmunication Shanhai Engineering company (

15. Chongqin Metro (
Issuing Order company: Railway ministry 1st office engineering company
Our selling product: ODF.DDF.MDF track-side telephone

16. Shenzhen Metro ( all line   
Main contractor : ZTE Corporation  (

17, Guangzhou Metro ( all line  
Main contractor: Siemens  ( or

18. Shenyang Metro and Chengdu Metro (order under process)
19. Chengdu Metro  (order under process)
20. Shanghai Mectro(
21. BEIJIN SUBWAY:      
Main Contractor: Siemens HK
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25. Italian railway

26. Singapore metro(
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Naam van het project Producten Noot
UK network rail LUNDONKNSP-03+ KNZD-11 350+600pcs
UK network rail LUNDONknsp-01460pcs
Singapore SMRT Green line 1 Re-newKNSP-01360PCS
Germany Berlin metro U55KNSP-01260PCS
Norway OLSO Metro KNSP-01 + KNSP-09700+900PCS
India Bangalore Metro India R1 section"Help Point KNZD-11 & KNSP-0996+174pcs
Italian Railway Milan railwayHelp Point KNSP-01850pcs
Malasia Berapit tunnel for Double Track Project KNSP-03156PCS
Greek Athens Metro Piraeus Line+AGHIOS DIMITRIOS Trackside Phone KNSP-01+KNSP-09+KNZD-09450pcs
Australia Haiway project AustraliaWeatherproof Phone KNSP-01300pcs
New Delhi Metro India PHASE 1Help Point KNZD-0960pcs
Hong Kong MTR XRL 851Help Point KNZD-17+KNZD-20+KNSP-03 850pcs
Hong Kong KAIDA Tunnel KAIDA RailwayTunnelHelp Point 90+105pcs
HongKong SinMon tunnelKNZD-14260PCS
Hong Kong Genzhong TennelKNSP-10 IP65PCS
Hong Kong Bangalore Metro India R2 sectionHelp Point KNZD-11 & KNSP-0978pcs
Mexico Metro line 3 green lineEmeregency telephone KNSP-01 and KNSP-03240+350pcs
Greece New motor way E65 KNZD-07330pcs
Greece Maliakos Kleidi Motorway tunnelKNSP-01 88pcs
Israel Israel metro Tel Aviv Red lineKNSP-01 230pcs
Mongolia Oyu Tolgoi projectKNSP-10480PCS
Greece Egnatia Highway KNSP-10 and KNEM-25540+88pcs
Turkey Railway projectKNZD-11340pcs
Turkey RailwayKNSP-01 90PCS
Dubai Doha West Bay Automated KNSP-01 232PCS
Lusail Transit System ProjectKNSP-01 and KNSP-10"Phase 1: 159PCS Phase 2: 342PCS"
Shoaiba power plantKNSP-0189PCS
India Mumbai projectKNZD-09392pcs

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