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IP video intercom system

IP video intercom system

model:KNZD-42 IPC

IP video intercom system is the choice,when it comes to designing a functional and effective communication or security system for commercial applications.
ip video intercom description

IP video intercom system KNZD-42IPC

    Video door telephone, is now designed to protect the apartment, private residential, residential area access control, and visiting video telephone.Especially in the apartment, Apartment video door telephone can clearly see the visiting face . Whether you are looking for a large ip  video intercom system for an apartment or a video intercom phone for a private residence, we can help you choose and customize your products. Provides video intercom telephone security products in the design of simple, technical excellence, reliability unparalleled. We have our own factory, research and development, market, after-sales service, video is absolutely guaranteed.

What is a video intercom?

The ip video intercom is a walkie-talkie that is installed on the access control system and can make video calls. It is mainly composed of ip video intercom host, HD camera, power supply, ring controller, voip network signal. The visitor can use the door in front of the downstairs unit to call the resident to use the video door intercom and talk to the video. The resident controls the door of the indoor control unit. The host of the cell can receive the alarm signal from the resident to the duty host at any time. The community security personnel, the system not only enhances the security of high-rise residential buildings, but also greatly facilitates the residents and reduces the unnecessary troubles of going up and down the building.

How does the intercom system work?

The visitor can call the household and talk to the host through the host in front of the downstairs unit. The household opens and closes the door of the indoor control unit. The host of the community can receive the alarm signal from the resident at any time and send it to the duty host to notify the community security personnel. The system not only enhances. The high-rise residential security and security work, and greatly facilitated the residents, reducing many unnecessary up and down building troubles.

What is video intercom system?

Video intercom is also called building intercom. Video intercom system refers to buildings or buildings in residential quarters, unit buildings, office buildings, etc., using images and sounds to identify visitors, control door locks and encounter emergency situations. Send the help and help signals to the management center, and the management center can also distribute the information to the households.

What is ip intercom system?

IP intercom uses the leading IPAudioTM technology to transmit audio signals in packets on LAN and WAN. It is a hands-free intercom system with pure digital transmission. The problem that the traditional intercom system has a limited transmission distance and is susceptible to interference is solved.

Ip intercom Systems and Door Access management

These network connected ip intercom systems offer a secure to management access to any or all your doors.

These new ip intercom with camera connect on to the network or integrate with cctv. power-driven by POE, they're terribly straightforward to put in. they're particularly smart for multi-building organizations since they connect where you have got a network. They can open an electrical lock (with further relay) or the most recent informatics door access management readers making a whole door system. The video door access system provides complete management of your surroundings. These complete systems enhance your total security reassuring a secure surroundings during this unsure world.

When somebody involves the door, the people will push the decision button that notifies someone at a laptop. The management person will seek advice from the traveller and create a call to grant entry or not. 

Intercom over network has become a cheap choice to access spoken communication in just about anywhere round the world. KNTECH leverages advanced informatics technologies and good product style to optimize signal transmissions over informatics networks for delivering the simplest attainable communication expertise on our informatics solutions.

Key Features:

SIP intercommunication system Communication

IP Camera with lighting illumination

Discrete Speaker and electro-acoustic transducer

Video Communication to the exterior door

Gate or Door Strike unharness from each unit commonly Open or electrical circuit

LED/LCD Screen

Keypad Entry and unit line

Built-in Proximity Card, RFID 125KHz ID Card reader for contact-less card entry

Compatible with the informatics bit screen area station

SIP 2.0 technology

The intercoms embody decision button and door unharness

Select a model that connects on to associate informatics camera, to your network, or perhaps your smartphone

Easily integrate with informatics door access management systems to supply a whole security system

Integrate with Video Management software system for simple door management and augmented safety

Select the intercommunication system system that may be used together with your mobile device

The intercoms connect with the network and permit management of electrical locks or door access management readers. 

Video Management software system (VMS) are often used for management, monitoring, and recording. 


 SIP V1/V2(RFC2543/RFC3261)

    •One speed dial Key

    •Integrated Numeric Keypad

    •Support PoE(802.3af)

    •DTMF Switch control




          supports SIP 2.0 platform,effective inter connection and inter working with the mainstream IPPBX manufacturers

       •High-end chip

          Equipped with the latest Reliable chip set

       Carrier standard voice

           Full duplex hands- free speaker phone,carrier standard voice

       Flexible of lock approach

           passwords , DTMF Switch control

       A key t o call

           One Speed dial Key

       Multiparty calls

           Holding/waiting 3 ways call /conference

       Easy installation

           integration into the existing LAN

       Visitors leave a message

           Provide access to the message and playback message through the SIP phone

       Simple maintenance

           support online software upgrades and web management way

       Protective level

           IP53 against dust, water, and mechanical damage

Target Groups

  Business: offices, shopping areas

       Education: universities, campuses, schools, sports areas

       Healthcare: hospitals, laboratories,Pharmaceutical factory

       Logistics & Transportation: airports, parking lots or garages

       Industries: factories,product center


ip video intercom design


EN55022:emissions  EN55024:immunity

Ingress Protection:GB4208-93 IP66 FFC ITU-T Recommendations K21

EMC:EN50121(Railway application-Eletromagnetic Compatibility)

ip video intercom certificatel
 support sip 2.0 for apartment or home security   KNZD-42

==>>>> Product Specification

ip video intercom Built-in and wall-mounted

how to install ip video intercom ip video intercom certificate

Technical Parameters

Signalling protocol Interface
SIP 2.0( RFC2833) Power supply 12V±15%/1A DC or PoE
Quick dial buttons Buttons  are  made  of  stainless  steel  material, strong  and  durable. LAN 10/100BASE-TX s Auto-MDIX, RJ-45
Number of speed dial buttons 1 The recommended cable Super five or more
Numeric keypad touch buttons Relay outputs NC/NO contacts, max 30V/1A AC/DC
Audio Active relay output 12V/500mA DC
Microphone 1A 8Ω Mechanical
Loudspeaker 3W Cover material Aluminum alloy cover, plastic pan
Hands-free haft-duplex support Operating temperature range 0°C – 55°C
Audio stream Storage temperature range -40°C – 70°C
Support protocol RTP Relative humidity 10% - 95% (not condensing)
Codecs G.711, G.729,  G.722, GSM, G.726 ,iLBC Installation Embedded installation

External dimensions 174.5×96×44 mm

Protection level IP53


VoIP SIP2.0 telephone        DTMF dialing                

MTBF:100000hours          MTTR: 2 hours

Free dial (maximum length of each number is 32 digits)            

Communication: Full duplex 2-way

Call Control Signaling:VOIP SIP Info(DTMF), RFC 2833(DTMF)

Power:Power over Ethernet, IEEE802.3af, Class 0  Local power, 12VDc,Idle 2W, Max 10W

Auxiliary Contacts(option)

1 Aux Output, dry contact

Dry contact Load parameter

Rated load:0.3 A at 125 VAC; 1 A at 30 VDC

Rated carry current:1A

Max.switching voltage:125 VAC,60VDC

Audio Codes:G.711, G.722, G.729,G723,G.726

Network:10/100 BaseTX Ethernet, RJ45 connectors, Cat5e or better 

IP Protocols:IPv4, TCP, UDP, RTP, DHCP, SIP

1 x LAN Power over Ethernet(PoE,802.3af)

1 x LAN(IEEE 802.1x), Network Access Control(IEEE 802.1x),STP(IEEE 802.1d), RSTP(IEEE 802.1d-2004)

Programming:Non-volatile flash memory programming and configuration through Web GUI

Management and Operation:DHCP and static IP, remote automatic software upgrade, centralized monitoring 

Echo cancellation codeITU-T G.167/G.168 

==>>>>Telephone System

IP video intercom system

The ip video intercom system is specially designed for apartment, home designed door intercom system. The whole system adopts ip video door intercom. The intercom has a high-definition camera, and the panel and the doorbell are connected to each other. In the control mode of video input, the control panel can be a mobile terminal or a computer.

How the ip Intercoms system Work – The Systems Diagram

These intercoms connect with the network. They interface with informatics cameras and informatics door access management readers. Most intercoms square measure power-driven over LAN (PoE), and square measure managementled with intercommunication system software system or Video Management software system that offer straightforward door control yet as recording.

access control system

how to connect ip video intercom system

==>>>>Product Application

Ip video intercom in the intercom system install the door

how to use the video intercomhow to use the video intercom
ip video intercom install outdoorip video intercom install outdoor
ip video intercomip video intercom

==>>>>Product Detailed Pictures
ip video intercom system
ip video intercom detail

==>>>>Product Video

==>>>>Please Email US marketing@koontech.com

This product model:KNZD-42 IPC


Lili-December 21, 2018-India

My apartment has been adopted, the entire ip video door intercom system, and the video door intercom, after installation, the management cost is greatly reduced.

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