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Telephone booth

Telephone booth

Product model:RF-12
material:Glass fiber reinforced plastics tooling made

telephone Acoustic hood RF-12 2015
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Telephone booth

Main features:
     + Designed for use in noisy areas and harsh environments 
     + Extremely robust 
     + Good acoustic qualities and highly visible 
     + To protect inside telephone waterproof 
     + Popular in noisy factories such as newspaper print rooms.

Shipment Packing details: 
1pcs in each shipping CTN box: size:730x630x380 G.W: 29.2kg 
2pcs in each shipping CTN BOX; size:770x600x540 G.W: 41.5kg

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Our door Telephone booth
acoustic telephone booth, weatherproof telephone hood, telephone roof for out door

Model: RF-12 
Material: Glass fiber reinforced plastics tooling made
Unit size:725*595*370 mm,N.W: 6KG