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Telephone console

Telephone console

size:280 *193.2 *86.1 mm
material:304 stainless steel

Telephone console is a desktop Telephone intercom. Use stainless steel material as exterior has firm, wear-resisting character. As Stainless Steel, the Call Station, often used in the meeting, office, a key dial-up, hands-free calls, provide alarm, monitor, intercom, radio, and other functions.
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Telephone console KNZD-59

Product introduction:

1.       Strong compatibility of the system extended,support standard SIP  2.0 (RFC3261) and related RFC agreement;

2.       Support one bottom call the dispatcher station,host, specify the terminal;

3.       Support digital keyboard;

4.       Support three shortcuts keypad;

5.       Provides alarm, monitor, intercom, broadcast  function;

6.       full-duplex talk functions;

7.       Use advanced echo elimination technology;

8.       Application: show  Caller id, Contacts.

9.       Speakers and microphone sensitivity adjustable;

10.   Optional G. 729, G. 723, G. 711, G. 722, G. 726 and many ways of voice coding ;

11.   System provides the recording and query the recording files at any time ;

12.   Setting via a WEB interface;

13.   Online software upgrade;

14.   Support power 1 w;


desktop intercom telephone design


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