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What is IP PBX telephone system?

Analysis of advantages of IPPBX soft switching equipment The research of IPPBX is one of the hotspots of communication technology. Many scientific research and production institutions are engaged in this research, and internationally renowned equipment manufacturers have provided their own IPPBX solutions.
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Emergency telephone

Emergency telephone is in the place where the accident that easy to install for emergency telephone for help, help, help, as in the highway of highway roadside emergency telephones, waterproof telephone for the coal mine explosion-proof telephone used in coal mines, oil Wells, used in tourism scenic tourists such as telephones are belongs to the category of the emergency telephone. The main function of the emergency telephone is that, when the accident occurs, the telephone which can be used and must be able to be used for emergency call for help has completely different requirements for its work according to different use environment.
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How to use Fire alarm telephone

The end of Fire alarm systems knzd-41 Fire alarm telephone is placed next to the construction site of the tunnel, such as the shield machine or the excavator, and the construction personnel can report the field operation data to other colleagues and the command center through fire alarm telephone.
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What is Explosion Proof Telephone ?

Explosion-proof telephone used in power plants, chemical plants and other inflammable and explosive places, have a coupler, also known as the coupler explosion-proof telephone. Is explosion-proof communication system terminal equipment, the basic function of a common phone. Explosion-proof telephone directly connected to the 24 ~ 60 v used for automatic telephone exchange small switch (or machine) and the user can use.
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