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SOS Telephone GSM outdoor

SOS Telephone GSM outdoor

Product model:KNZD-09A
size:200*325*80(67 bottom)mm

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SOS Telephone GSM outdoor 

Main features:

     Matching with most of PABX,PBX,PAX and VoIP systems.

     1. Main body with whole steel body, solid and temperature bearable. Stainless steel body.(Option)

     2. Handset free, with or without keypad can be selectable. Front panel includes with microphone and speaker.

     3. Well treated metal keypad against rust and corrosion.

     4. Resume lightning proof protection automatically standard to ITU-T K21.

     5. Waterproof rating IP65 both of housing and electronics module.

     6. The metal shell is provided with grounding connection device and is absolutely insulated with inner circuit and then has the effect of electromagnetism shield.

     7. Support hotline call, can realize ring off automatically if the other side close.

     8. The design is super thin and smart. Embed style and hanging style can be chosen.

     9. The housing color (UV Protection) and logo can to customer specification.

     10. The telephone has passed the certificate of ISO9001: 2000

     11. LED status display on panel.

Main Product Features:

     1.GSM/VOIP/PSTN optional.

     2.Matell body.solid and temperature bearable.

     3.Handset free.loudspeaker.

     4.Heavy duty Vandal resistant buttons.

     5.With or without keypad optional.

     6.Lightning protection standard to ITU-T K21.

     7.Waterproof grade about IP55.

     8.Body with grounding connection protection.

     9.Support hotline call,self stop if the other side hang up.

     10.Built-in loud speaker,noise canceling microphone.

     11.Lighting will flash when there is a incoming call.

     12.AC 110V/220V powered or built-in rechargeable battery with solar powered panel optional.

     13.The design is super thin and smart.Embed style and hanging style can be chosen.

     14.Time out function optional.

     15.Colours:RED+Stainless steel,If the qty over 100pcs can be To customer specification.


EMC: EN50121 (Railway application- Electromagnetic Compatibility)
      EN55022: emissions
      EN55024: immunity
Ingress Protection: GB4208-93 IP66
ITU-T Recommendations K21



Unit size:300*180*125mm   Unit: N.W:3.3KG 

1pcs packing box size: 439*277*191mm Unit: N.W:2.6KG    Unit G.W:4KG 

6pcs in 1 outer Carton box: size: 566*445*420mm  G.W:17.3KG