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Mining -Telephone

Mining -Telephone

Product model:KTH165

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The phone  matching with most PABX, PBX and PAX systems. A good ideal telephone for use in wet or corrosive atmospheres

1.2 Key Performance Characteristics

Housing: metal panels, strong anti-riot
Handle: special ABS plastic, the overall structure, waterproof, dustproof, anti-crack, anti-knocking, tensile
Handle headset, keyboard, buzzer, circuit boards, multilayer shell with all accessories waterproof, dustproof structure.
Phone, good stability, anti-interference ability, in line with the national standard GB / T 15279-2002
Protection IP54
Housing having a grounding device and an internal circuit electrically completely isolated, with certain electromagnetic shielding effect
Call clear voice, loud and clear voice, no feedback whistle
Beautiful light machine

1.3 Technical Parameters

Ringing level: 70dB (A)

Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) dialing:
Frequency deviation: ≤ 1.5%; low base level: -9 ± 3dB; frequency group level: -7 ± 3dB frequency combination of the high-low difference: 2 ± 1dB; total harmonic distortion at least below the fundamental level low 20dB
Call transmission index: SLR ≤ 12, RLR ≤ -1, STMR ≥ 10, output impedance: 600Ω
Electro-acoustic characteristics: Sending loudness rating ≥ +2 dB ≤ +12 dB receiving loudness rating ≥-8dB ≤-1dB sidetone masking rating value ≥ +3 dB ≥ +10 dB


Wall to be installed in the appropriate space reserved, wall-mounted, can be fixed with stainless steel machine screws, Per the below picture:


3.Operate Instruction
3.1  Connecting Telephone:

Photo above is a safety coupler, the telecom operators lines connect to the unsafely port, the telephone connect to the safety port. This safety coupler has to placed in somewhere safety, the telephone can been placed to where the workers working nearby. Attention, the connection between the telephone and safety coupler has to sealed ,and the connection is strong.
3.2 Using Telephone:


The handset off hook automatically after 3 seconds dial numbers can be set at the time of production, can also be user-set.              
Note: If necessary, this may be encapsulated circuit boards and circuit board components not see, but can only see the terminal.
3.3 Numbers are stored
  Open the lid, short circuit board terminal, then connect the telephone line power, automatically dial the number you want to dial, hang up. The terminal connection is disconnected, then connect the power. At this time, lift the handset, the phone will automatically within three seconds to go to just keep numbers dialed out.
3.4 Number Clear
  Shutdown Short circuit board terminal ,Press twice to turn the upper right corner of the keyboard hook ,blank button twice to disconnect the circuit board terminal   boot, numbers have been removed. No phone numbers can be stored free dial any number.


Packaging Materials: EPE, Carton    
(Gross weight):2.5KG
(Net weight):3KG

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