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Kntech Emergency Telephones
Kntech Emergency Telephones
Product model:KoontechKNZD-56
size:180*130*45mm (or customized)
material:304 Stainless Steel

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Product introduction
This phone can compatible with most of the analog or digital telephone program-controlled switches,suitable for various work environment of communication,can realize the point-to-point (single bond) calls with public or private network.


1. Product feature:
◆ Fixed Dialing Numbers
◆ Switch to monitor screen                
◆ Call flash hints        
◆ Talk time limit    
◆ Auto Hang Up               
◆ High waterproof and dustproof performance, entire SUS304 stainless steel casing, protection reach IP54.
◆ High durability, wire adopts teflon wire, oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, resistance to strong oxidizer accord with the requirement of military industry standard GJB - 773 and UL1332.
2. Application:  
  This telephone is applicable to highway customer center, railway stations, airports, docks, Banks, residential area, gym, shopping mall, production workshop 
3. Technical Specification
Operating temp:-35℃~75℃
Relative humidity: 10%~95%
Atmospheric pressure: 6~106 Kpa
Environmental noise: ≤70dB(A)
Ringing sound level: 75db~80db(A)
Dial pulse intermittent than: 1.6±0.2︰1.0 
Dial pulse speed: 10±1 time/s
Dual tone multi-frequency (DTMF) dialing
Frequency offset: ≤1.5%;
Level of low frequency component: -9±3d B
Level of high frequency component: -7±3dB
High and low level difference in the frequency combination: 2±1dB
Harmonic and total distortion at least lower than the fundamental level: 20dB
Call transfer index: (5Km) SLR≤12 , RLR≤-1,STMR≥10, input impedance: 600Ω

Electroacoustical Characteristic:
Sending Loudness Rating: ≥+2dB ≤+12dB 
Accept Loudness Evaluation value: ≥-8dB ≤-1dB 
STMR: ≥+3dB ≥+10dB

4. Function Introduction
1.Auto-dial function: press the emergency button, after 3 ~ 5 seconds will automatically connect to the specified number for you
2.Switch monitoring screen: press the emergency button, it will produces a switch signal,the main monitoring will switch to the emergency call position
3.Call flash hints: when there is an incoming call,high brightness leds start flashing, suggesting there’s phone come in.
4.Talk time limit:  Automatic timing starts 7 minutes as answered the phone,automatically hang up when time’s up,prevent long time calls occupy line resource (the factory preset functions).
5.Auto Hang Up: After calling hang up,busy signal detected,automatically terminated.

Waterproof Rate: IP54
Installation type: Flushed mounting
Install screw: M6*20Phillips added hexagonal flat combination of three screws+M6 roof explosive/4 sets of each
Outline Dimensional Drawing: as shown below: