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Cleanroom Telephone

Cleanroom Telephone

Product model:KNZD-63A

Datasheet of KNZD-63A(1)
We specializing in the production and sales of Dustproof telephone waterproof telephone emergency phone intercom door phone for hotel or clean room
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KNZD-63 Cleanroom Telephone

We specializing in the production and sales of  Dustproof  telephone waterproof telephone emergency phone intercom  door phone for hotel or clean room

Product name:a key call clean room telephone
Model No.:KNZD-63A
Anti-jamming, anti-noise,SIP technology, point-to-point call directly,Without PBX


  A key intercom for clean room,with super slim body,delicate appearance,easy installation.It is especially designed for Pharmaceutical factory, hospital operating room, clean room and clean workshop. The intercom receiver occupy space less. No exposed surface, UV + PE line surface material inserted into the wall smoothly and completely.You can clean by water or wipe directly with no damage. This intercom is waterproof and dust-proof. Knzd-63A clean room telephone has strong anti-jamming capability, and achieve the European standards EN50121. It is anti-static and enclosed design, no industrial components exposing to air.Press CALL button to off-hook or end the call.Only need one network cable to connect with two pcs of intercom in clean room. Digital signal transmission, there is no outside interference.Sounds improve 15 DB than ordinary clean room telephone.


One key call:press CALL button,opposite side rings automatically, allow answer automatically.
Incoming call flashing notice:led indicator brightens when calls coming.
Talking time limited:It has 7 minutes to talk when the call is connected.Time to the end,telephone hang up automatically.The function of preventing the phone is busy are factor defaults.
Automatically hang up: if called ended,the caller would hang up automatically after detecting the busy signal.