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Emergency Telephone
Emergency Telephone
Product model:KNZD-48

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KNZD-48 is an advanced emergency telephone,it has three quick action buttons, the housing adopts SUS304 or 316 stainless steels materials with corrosion resistance,easy to clean and high anti-knock quality.For buttons,we all use the ONPQW of china,its feature is quick action contactor ,good self-clean,high dependability and long lifespan.Chips adopt industrial grade ATML single chip,it is safe and reliable and stable operation.KNZD-48 with the ultrahigh quality is the most trustworthy emergency telephone.
Product Feature
1.Three quick action buttons:press the emergency call buttons,The machine will automatically get through to the specified number.
2.Talk time limit:The machine will automatically hang up after seven minutes to avoid some people chat by the emergency telephone (this function could be optional by requirement of the customer)
3.Auto Hang Up:the machine can detect the busy tone and automatically hang up.
4.Pressing the emergency call button,it will automatically contact control center,the control center could also callback immediately if there is any emergency without any operation and automatically get through loudspeakers.
5.Good stability,strong anti-interference and meeting the national standard GB/T 15279-94
1.Level of Ring:70dB
2.IP grade:IP55
3.Operating humidity:10%-95%
4.Operating temperature:-35~75℃
5.Atmospheric pressure:86~106Kpa
6.Ambient noise:≤60dB(A)
7.Dial impulse break-make ratio:1.6±0.2:1.0 
8.Dial impulse rate:10±1 every seconds
9.DTMF dial:
Low frequency group frequency:697.770.852.941HZ
High frequency group frequency:1209.1336.1477HZ
Frequency offset:≤1.5%
Low frequency group level:-9±3dB
High frequency group level:-7±3dB
High and low level difference in frequency combination:2±1dB
Harmonic constant total distortion is at list lower 20dB than fundamental wave level.
Material:bottom shell is cold rolled steel,panel is stainless steel
Size of Product:300*181*60 MM    Net Weight:3.6kg

Installation Size