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window two -way intercom
window two -way intercom
Product model:KNDJ-1

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KNDJ-01 is an electronic intercom system which can keep high-fidelity in any window to chat. It adopts United States’ most advanced chips with unique design and the stringent quality management. It reaches the highest standard performance in sound quality, volume, anti-jamming, anti-whistle… It is widely used in bank, hospital, station and so on..
Product Features:
◆window intercom KNDJ-1 Main body with whole aluminum alloy with stainless steel,slave using electroplating plastic shell(triangle slave or metal slave optional).
◆The master adopts intercom special loudspeaker, and long metal hose microphone (37cm), more convenient to process two-way intercom freely.
◆Streamlined external slave with circular design, make it smart, beautiful and elegant. Internal and external connections using a four-core, high-strength pull-resistant, fully shielded foil line, stronger anti-interference, coupled with the installation of stainless steel which retain more appropriate.(Optional aluminum vice machine available).
◆Play fidelity, clear, the volume of inner and outer can be individually adjustable with unique dynamic sound indicator.
◆Microcomputer processing circuit with mute function can deal with whistler, echo.
◆Recording jack can output both inside and outside voice signals (assist the bank teller system for recording).
◆Can be used in those places such as bank, post offices, railway stations, insurance companies, hospitals and other places.
1. The master is installed in the workplace while the slave out of the workplace. Input the attachment plug of slave into cable jack where the slave connects to the master.
2. Connect the transformer to the 220V electric power. DC12V plug into the power of the master.
3. Switch on the power of master, power indicating red light, said power supply is working correctly.
4. The inside and outside volume knob can separately adjust the volume.
Basic Configurations:
1. Package (20 tables per lot):325×440×550mm(L×W×H)
2. Master Dimension: 150×103×47mm(L×W×H)
3. Slave dimension: ¢68×18mm(D×H)