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IP voice gateway

IP voice gateway

Product model:KNXS-32

IP voice gateway is called via the Internet access equipment, for the IP message here, small and medium-sized enterprises and home users save internal communication and external communication costs (especially the domestic and international long distance telephone and fax), using voice gateways, internal communication cost was reduced almost to zero, and the communication with the external costs than using the IP phone to reduce 40% - 60%.
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ip voice gateway

KNXS-32 Technical Specification


 Voice features
Support 32 SIP account
Support SIP 2.0 (RFC3261) and SIP related rfc
Voice code: G.711A/u, G.7231 high/low, G.729
Echo cancellation: support G.168 standard,reach to cancellation for 128ms
long-line transmission: Support telephone line for 10KM
Support VAD, CNG
SIP supports SIP domain,SIP certificate(none,basic, MD5), DNS, point to point(DIALPEER setting and IP inputting)calling
SIP support registered 32 account in the same time;Support could make calling via any account;
Support DTFM mode: SIP info, RFC2833
Support Fax :T.38、VBD、BYPASS
Support SIP application, including before the call (unconditional transfer/no answer transfer/user busy transfer), call transfer (blind turn/ask), after three calls, call hold, call waiting, call a hotline number, quickly abbreviated dial, number replace rules, restrictions, call, don't disturb, caller id, outside threats ringing, outside threats ring, etc


3. Network features
Support xDSL PPPoE and redial when out off line.
WAN support DNS server function, support in DHCP mode, set dynamic DNS or static DNS address
WAN support DHCP Client
Support DNS Relay,SNTP Client,firewall
Qos support TOS、DSCP

4.Management and maintenance

Support serial interface mode and can be program updates via a serial port mode
Suppor configure via website , telnet and serial port
Support upgrade and configure the files wia HTTP and FTP