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Fire alarm telephone
Fire alarm telephone
Product model:KNZD-41

We are the manufacturer of Sos ip waterproof telephone fire protection telephone Emergency telephone Vandal resistan telephone for Highway , Railway
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KNZD-41 fire alarm telephone

We are the manufacturer of  Sos ip waterproof telephone fire protection telephone Emergency telephone Vandal resistan telephone for  Highway , Railway 

Fire alrm telephone mainly for subway,tunnel,large construction projects such as design enviroment with noise. The machince with high-grade beautifulgood waterproof and dustproof performance.Stainless steel button high wear-resisting, main chip adopts industrial-grade ATML microcontroller.Integrated telephone systerms and fire alarm system funcation,practical. This product in addition to the ordinary phone function has the following functions.

Loudspeaker and lights to remind function:

When the noise more than 90dbs,the ordinary telephone ring often cannot let the staff heard, and lead to production scheduling command cannot be communicated in a timely way, causing economic lossed. KNZD-41 can amplify the ringing sound with light reminds, broadcast through the speaker. To count the ring at the same time, the phone automatically pick-on after it ringing several times (factory set to 3-5times),  the caller can use the broadcast to call. The sound will be sent to nearby worker and maintenance personnel by the native built-in hi-fi loudspeaker broadcast. 

The product with built-in back-up power to ensure worl normally after power outage for two hours. When the power supply back to normally will chage for the battery. To ensure that each power backup power supply of storage. The bottom of the phone has a small exhaust fan, extend the service life of regenrative power work mainly guarantee the air circultaion inside the case.

KNZD-41 phone have good stability, strong anti-interference ability, the handset use the moving coil, electret construct, eliminate background noise, the phone rang the bell with green led lights flashing at the same time.
During the phone in standby, 24V power supply automatically shut down,and only under the fluid flow trigger turned on the power,make the machine work more safety and reliable.