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Highway Emergency Telephones

Highway Emergency Telephones

size:200*325*80(67 bottom)mm
material:Cold-roll steel sheets

Highway emergency telephone is the government set up telephone contact points in the highway, specially dealing with remote road location, not be able to use wireless communication equipment and set up an emergency call.The emergency telephone has a stable communications, weather, the characteristics of violence prevention.
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 Highway Emergency Telephones

KNZD-09A Highway Emergency Telephones
        We can provide Highway Emergency Telephones Anti-explosion telephone outdoor telephone Anti Rain and lightning made  of Stainless steel for roadside or park ,Different specifications of the Anti-explosion telephone.The Weatherpoof phone will be designed to work on Railway, metro,tunnel,etc.Housed in cold rolled steel case with spring loaded door,it will offer protection against the outdoor environment, vandals and rot resistance.The unit will meet all the latest European/UK standards for EMS and US FCC, telephony,waterproofing, and lightening protection together with offering the level of performance and reliability demanded in such an envirnment.The emergency telephone adopts fully streamlined design, beautiful and easy. All metal aviation technology on casting molding, integrated structure stability is good, body strong and durable, strong knock rating.

Main Product features

1.Main body with whole stainless steel body,solid and temperature bearable.
2.Heavy duty Vandal resistant buttons.
3.Resume lightning proof protection automatically standard to ITU-T K21.
4.Waterproof grade about IP65.
5.The metal shell is provided with grounding connection device and is absolitely insulated with inner circuit and electric,then has the offect of electromagnetism shield.
6.Support hotline call, can realize ring off automatically if the other side close.
7.The design is super thin and smart.Embed style and hanging style can be chisen.
8.Totally adopt SMTC craftwork keep very good quality.
9.Every call is limited(set by five minutes),auto ring off if time exceeded.(Option)
10.Colours:RED+Stainless steel colour,if the qty over 100pcs can be to custometr specification.
11.Trouble alarm send by SMS/GPRS message. 


Emergency telephone


Packing detail:

Unit size:300*180*135MM,            N.W:3.5KG

1pcs in each inner CTN box,size:439*277*191mm    G.W:4.2KG

4pcs in outer CTN box,size:566*445*420mm     G.W:18.1KG

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Main PCB

1.Well treated PCB used inside the phone.

2.Robust screw terminals used for the connection of ringer,handset,line in,hookswitch.

3.Selectable 7 minute time out,to release the line if the handset is left off hook.

4.All connectors be greased in production.


1.Kirk electro dynamic transducer for both handset transmitter and receiver.

2.Spring cable or armoured cable to attach the handset to the teleohone main unit.

3.Stainless steel cable to connect exchange.

4.Inductive coupler fitted for hearing aid compatibility.

5.Handset integrity wiring to enable exchange to check if the phone is still operatitional.


Connection type:Rj45 Socket inside sealed enclosure 

Power supply:External 5V dc

Call set-up Protocol:Session Initiation Protocol(SIP)

Configuration:DHCP or STATIC IP address provisioning

GSM version

GSM 2G/3G Solar Powered with built-in rechargeable battery

1.Network Interface:GSM Frequency:850/900/1800/1900Mhz,2G,3G.WCDMA.

2.Ringing:Through internal Speaker/ringer.

3.Power Supply:Re-chargeable Battery powered:9V/14Ah.

4.Solar back-up:12V/30W.

5.Time out:selectable 0-20 minutes.

6.Built-in battery standby:21 days,can improve to 42 days.

7.Built-in battery talking time:56 hours,can improve to 100 hours.

Connection cable

Stainless steel connection cable to exchange

Well treated keep waterproof